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Nachrichten und Update

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I am now officially a member of BesD!

Starting from October 2019, I signed in a contract to become a member of BesD, an association of sex workers. BesD is an association where people from different backgrounds are working together on different projects to improve the conditions in the sex industry actively. The association is also taking part in political discussions, regularly inviting to various events as speakers, and participating in initiatives by international sex worker rights groups that they network with.

It is crucial that sex workers are being treated equally, and they are tolerated in society, just like other people. Many of us have worked in other professions or been to university, and some of us do sex work alongside other jobs.

The association decided to form the Professional Association for Erotic and Sexual Service Providers to fight for the rights of all those who do sex work. They give current and former sex workers the chance to act for the improvement of working conditions in the sex industry or to connect with other sex workers.

If you are a sex worker and you believe that you have been mistreated or you have other questions regarding this matter, please let me know in my email rihard@yourtwinklover.de.
More information about this association you can find on their website: https://berufsverband-sexarbeit.de/

Follow them on Twitter: @sexworkID or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sexarbeit

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