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Tips for clients: What to do when I’m busy?

Keep Calm and IM BUSY
Keep calm, I’m busy

Waiting time is getting too long? Can’t get an answer when you need it? These situations can be frustrating, of course. But in this blog post, I’ll explain, when it most likely occurs, what causes the delays and how to handle situations like that.

First of all, it is necessary to know that if you are not an agency and you work all alone in this business, your clients must be patient. Especially if they see that they interact with the most beautiful escort, there is certainly sure that you, as a client, are not the only one who wants to meet that sexy escort right now. But knowing how busy it gets when you have to do this job all alone, makes things even more difficult. Along with that, you have to deal with lots of messages, website maintenance, and do your daily routine, you have to also take bookings and be prepared to offer your actual services.

Answering messages can be a frustrating experience

In my experience, it is challenging, and answering messages can sometimes be even for me frustrating experience. I remembered the time when I spent a week with my client. Imagine to have lots of, up to 30 messages from external ads, then 10 messages from emails, then 20 WhatsApp messages, and a bunch of letters from the personal email. And on top of that, keep smiling and offer full attention at the same time to my client. How to handle it all, and what do I expect from my clients in busy times like that?

I am indeed not an escort agency, I have to deal with all these duties alone because I am self-employed as an escort. I have no corresponding responder who is doing all this job for me. Therefore I cannot be a multitasking person and answer consistently every hour while I have a bunch of other new messages after answering the previous ones. In these situations, I would give my clients some tips that help them to get a faster and better answer.

How do I determine the answer order?

The way how I answer my messages is not often defined by the classical form of “oldest to the news.” I answer my communications based on its content, determined by the client’s attitude, relevance, length of messages, and so on.

First of all, it is essential to keep in mind that your messages are not too long. Long messages usually take lots of time and dedication, so I leave them behind and answer them later than the short ones that can be solved quickly. Despite that I have mentioned earlier in my blog that I love professional, well-composed texts, I often cannot answer them fast, because as I said, responding to them takes a lot of time, and in times when I’m busy, it is overwhelming. Also, please try to avoid sending instead short, but too many separate texts at once. That counts the same as having one long message.

Secondly, please write your text in the language that I speak. Needless to say that content should be understandable and clear. If you write in other speech than I understand, it means I have to skip it, ask from the sender to write in my language, or I have to translate it. As you might know, interpreting text is the step that should be avoided typically. If you are not sure of what languages I speak, then look at my ads or profile, where it is mentioned. Or the best and surest way to make sure that I understand is just write in English. In that way, you can ensure that you receive a response from me faster. I really do have to do the translation work on my own, especially if I have lots of messages in my inbox. It also takes time, and in such situations, I’ll just leave them in less priority line.

Be relevant. Don’t write things that are not necessary. Keep your messages short, but appropriate. For example, I have nothing to with your genital photos or the information about what do you do in your everyday life. Despite the fact that it could be interesting to know, in busy times when I’m overwhelmed with lots of messages, it can be unnecessary and takes valuable time. Practicing a consistent communication style is always a good habit when you contact with escorts.

Get ready to provide as much information as needed to process the potential booking request faster. If you have the following information prepared: your name or nickname, phone number, booking date and time, booking duration, and booking a place (incall or outcall) – you are good to go. I always process direct booking requests faster than regular messages.

So when do I get busy?

I am most busy during the summer times, but also when I am on my vacation with the client, or I have many travel destinations ahead. When we escort on our ads are recording the new travel locations, then it means that our profile will also be more visible. Whenever we log anew area where we plan to travel, our profile will be immediately visible in the escort directory in these locations. That means – more visibility, more attention, and of course – more interactions by the people. In these times, it is best to not forget that escorts like me, who are independent and not working in the agency, have to eventually answer all these messages alone, and that takes a lot of time depending on the factors that I explained already in this post. So you as a client have an impact on how long you’ll get a response in this period, and other clients are influencing the speed of response to your message.

Typically in an agency, there is a corresponding person who is dealing with the messages, so escorts don’t have to do anything else than just meet the clients. I want to keep my rates reasonable and not hire the support agent, so my clients don’t have to pay to my employees.

Based on my experience, among the busy summer months – June, July, and August, the first half of the year is more bustling than the second half of the year, because in the first half of the year I announce my travel plans for the current year and set the locations on my ads. So I get more attention in these months. Once the travels are done, my ads will become less and less visible in other locations, and during October, November, and December, it is more likely to get a faster answer.

The other ways to speed up the communication

Early in 2019, I opened the priority contact service so that my clients can pay to get a faster answer from me. Due to the suspension from the payment gateway system, the option became the temporarily unavailable end of the year, so I am continually working to open the new payment gateway system to re-activate the service. Meantime, the best way to reach me faster is to contact me on WhatsApp. Attempting to call me doesn’t speed up the communication because regular phone- or WhatsApp calls are still not supported and will not be unless the client is purchasing the priority service, which will become available after the new payment solution is investigated.


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