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Nachrichten und Update

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I am now officially on OnlyFans!

Only Fans

Beginning this year, I announced that I do not sell videos any longer. Therefore now (starting from January 13th), my fans can subscribe to my OnlyFans to continue watching content that is currently available on my website for potential clients only.

In 2019, I offered for my visitors and members buying videos directly by me. For instance, when their membership was expired on my website, or they were not intending to book me. Starting in 2020, I do not provide videos to sell any longer. The reason why I don’t is because of low volume requests and little control over the media that I share away for money. So I created an account on OnlyFans to have a better insight into the privacy and good control over the media I share. On another side, OnlyFans service also provides more flexible payment options as well as cancellation options. So fans can now subscribe without committing to making a separate purchase for each file. So they can subscribe or cancel anytime they feel to do so. And come back any time they wish.

Unlike selling videos, clients cannot download the media that is available on OnlyFans. They can only watch them, but not own it. And copying any content from my account is strictly forbidden without my consent.

Onlyfans Banner

Additionally, I now provide some extra features to my fans who are subscribing. Along with to the photo and video access that are on my website exclusive area, they can also enjoy monthly new video uploads, instant story updates from my recent client date (not every story), see the content that I usually post to my non-business social media accounts, and much more! My regular website members cannot have such benefits, which comes only with the OnlyFans subscription.

My OnlyFans subscription is designated for everyone who wants to stay in touch with me and see the exclusive, fan-only updates. You don’t have to be my client to subscribe.

The fact that I have now account on OnlyFans doesn’t mean that I don’t use my Twitter any longer. My Twitter account @yourtwinklover will still work, even after OnlyFans. And there I post service-related updates just like before, but not personal updates as I will do in OnlyFans. If you want to see also personal updates, you may subscribe lowest for 7 Euro per month.

Here is the comparison of my account activity between OnlyFans and Twitter:

Updates that are available only in OnlyFans

  • Personal status updates (my daily activities and feelings);
  • Naked photos and videos;
  • Pornographic content;
  • Instant stories from my client appointments.

Updates that are available on Twitter

  • My news and updates related to the escort job;
  • Announcements of my new blog posts;
  • Photos and videos that are not naked or naked only half.

Starting from January 19th, my first ten subscribers will get the first month only for 10 Euro, then 14 Euros per month (unless a user is canceling their subscription up to 24-hours before the automatic renewal) or 7 Euros per month if you subscribe for six months. For more information about available payment options, you can find on https://onlyfans.com/.

Please note that this is a third-party service, and I am NOT responsible for their technical issues. I do NOT provide any support related to OnlyFans subscriptions, billing, and payment or any related assistance that is not about my website or services. If you have any feedback to share or wish of what content you want to see next, then feel free to reach me out.

Subscribe now and don’t miss any updates from me!



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