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Nachrichten und Update

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I’ve updated my terms and policy

As the year 2019 is over, it is the best time to review the last year and make some changes in my payment, pricing, and reservation policy. As well as bring some new terms to the client and membership statuses that are effective from 2020.

I have analyzed the last year intensively, and I have found that some things need to be updated or changed. So that I would able to provide my clients with the best services as I can continuously. To help keep transparency in the relationship between my clients and me, in this post, I highlight the main things that I have updated, starting from January 13,2020.

Client levels and memberships

  • Silver and Gold clients now have the new featured: frozen pricing. That means clients in these exclusive client levels in the event of the increased pricing adjustments. They pay the same rates that they have paid before, no matter if the price goes up, as long as they stay at this level. When the client is no longer at the level and later comes back, he is subject to the changes in the newly adjusted rates.
  • New requirement to be Gold client: My Gold clients must now have at least 4 overnight or longer bookings in the past 6 months to achieve the level. Previously the regular hour-base appointment count as well towards to Gold status, but this condition is no longer valid as of January 1, 2020.
  • New Gold client benefit: After every 5 overnight bookings, you’ll get one overnight with me for free. 6th overnight is free of charge, no matter the booking length and amount of reservations. The free overnight can also be used during the weekends and holidays, based on my availability. If you book me after 5th overnight, you must use your free night. Free night cannot be exchanged for the paid night.
  • I do not provide videos to sell any longer. When your membership expires, you can pay for the membership to see the hot content from me. More information is coming from the next update.

Reservations and cancellations

  • Every client who is making advance payment before the cancellation deadline gets 10% off from the total booking price. Money must arrive at my bank account before the cancellation deadline. Discount is also valid for the longer reservations, lasts more than 1 hour or 1 overnight. The discount is valid only if I have received the payment before the cancellation deadline. Prepaid money is refundable only before the cancellation deadline. Alternatively, it is also possible to get a full refund if the cancellation is extraordinary. Refundable money can be returned to your bank account within 14-calendar days.
  • I’ve made clear my cancellation policy: Clients don’t have to pay anything (except transportation costs if applicable) if they are not satisfied before the service starts. Clients who do not withdraw from service within 10 minutes have to pay for further withdrawals the full amount for the used time plus 50% of the remaining booking. If cancellation is shorter than 10 minutes after the start of service, clients have to pay only 50% of the first hour or night. The minimum requested time condition may apply. In the event of such cancellations during the client trip abroad, the client must organize the new transportation back home or provide me the accommodation for the rest of the stay. Any payments made in advance can be fully refundable according to these terms.
Reservation Timeline Rihard
Reservation Timeline Rihard
  • Waiting list: Instead of saying, “I’m booked,” I add now the potential clients to the waiting list. I have the right to take the next person from the waiting list if a client does not show up or cancels their reservation. Clients in the queue are not subject to my terms unless their bookings are confirmed.
  • Overnight starting time: I have defined when it is possible to book me for overnight. The starting time for overnight can be between 21 o’clock till midnight. If the client is booking me for the late-night call after midnight, then it is possible only to book with the late-night hour base rate.
  • New payment option: You can now pay also via Bank transfer (only valid for the advance payments).
  • Phone number authorization: Due to the number of fake clients recently, I have established a new way of how to increase trust and put off fraud bookings. The new rule is that first-time clients with new profiles created less than 3 days (72 hours) ago have to confirm their number, by following my instructions. If the confirmation with the number provided by the client does not arrive as instructed, I cancel the reservation immediately and ban the client.

Service and pricing

  • Late-night outcall bookings: If the client wants to meet me after 23 o’clock for an outcall, they must order me a taxi. The premium ride may be requested to the destination, using the service, called “Uber.” More information on how to order a taxi from Uber, you can find on the website https://www.uber.com/. Late night and outcall service fees may apply as an extra to the base rates, and these fees are not including taxi drives.
  • New rule: I charge daily transportation fees (if applicable) after first overnight. The transportation fee is defined by dividing full monthly public transportation ticket costs to the days equal to calendar month. The daily transportation ticket coverage is necessary because the time I spend with my client is not private. Therefore any expenses I have done during the business time are subject to cover by the client.
  • I have updated the services that I do provide, those that I do not provide, and those that I provide at extra cost. You may review them here.
  • There is no update in pricing: All my rates remain the same in 2020 as they were in 2019.
  • Sickness or damages during the reservation: If the client is causing me any sickness or any damages during the reservation by his fault, he has to pay my rate for the remaining time. If a client is causing me such damages (including also material damages) intentionally, he has to pay also for the medical expenses or/and any expenses to replace the damages. If I cause damages or health issues by my fault, the client has to pay nothing for damages and the remaining time.
  • Photos during the companionship: Clients can now take photos of me at no extra cost if I am on the photos together with the client and fully dressed. You can take photos together with me in nature, restaurant, or any public places, but not on the bed (even if we are fully dressed). Anything on the photo that has signaled for the escort services or sexual acts are prohibited. The photos are allowed to take clients who have at least 2 overnight bookings with me. Uploading these photos on social media is not allowed unless I give permission.

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