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Questions and answers regarding COVID-19 and its impact on our work

The clients and friends have asked me about the current situation working as an escort while COVID-19 continues to spread.

Lately, I have been in touch with the government institutions and escort associations to find answers for the questions that I have asked, even from myself: What is the best solution? To continue offering the physical services to my clients like the way I do now, or announce temporary suspension?

The question hits me hard, especially when it comes to health and finance. Finding a perfect solution and balance between these two aspects is not an easy task for me. When it comes to the service or health, it is and has always been a great responsibility to me. Health is essential, but without finance, it would be challenging to provide services the way I have been doing before.

Everyone is in danger these times. Not only escorts. As we meet different clients, we have always been concerned about any diseases (even before COVID-19). Our work concerns not only being affected by COVID-19 but also getting STDs. Unlike STDs, COVID-19 has undoubtedly a big concern to the entire global health system, especially in Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the situation right now in Germany? Can sex workers take clients, or have they been restricted/banned?

As of Friday, March 20th, Individual sex-workers can still take the bookings, even with the fact that it is not safe. The Government has not yet announced a ban entirely in the sex work industry. Brothels are closed, but individual activity is not yet prohibited.

After evaluating the current situation of COVID-19, do I still offer physical services today?

Yes. Despite the fact of COVID-19, right now I do offer physical services until further notice. Click here to read more about safety and my services and restrictions during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Despite that the Government has advised everyone to stay at home and avoid social contacts, why do I still continue offering physical services? It is dangerous to others and absolutely irresponsible.

We do not want our customers to get sick, no. But the decision is not entirely up to us. It is complicated to survive without having any income. I am not talking here about entertainment expenses, but in-must essential living expenses (such as food, rent, etc.) that help us to keep alive. Right now, it is the question of surviving, not being irresponsible.

The Government has announced financial help to the self-employed in Germany, why do I need to get money from clients then?

Despite that we, sex workers, are considered as self-employed people, we are not entitled yet for the financial support established for the freelancers and self-employed people. Our colleagues from the sex-work association are currently working with the politicians to make it possible that sex workers can be benefiting from that support as well. And right now, it is a big concern for me and many other sex workers, mainly because it forces us to put our health as well as our client’s health at risk.

Even if we would get any help from the Government, self-employers must explain how COVID-19 impacts their income. For instance, if the Government decides to lock down all activity in the state, it would be a great reason to apply for financial support because there would be no other way of getting money.

However, we cannot entirely rely on the decision made by the Government until we cannot get confirmation that we are entitled to the compensation. Till then, we have to rely on ourselves, to our supporters, and clients.

Is it safe right now to book an escort? Do escorts are particularly risky for COVID-19 and spreading them to others?

Escorts are not riskier than anyone else. We all are concerned about our health and safety today. As dating with an escort companion is a one-by-one service, then booking an escort can be much safer today than going out for public places (such as restaurants, public transportation, bars, etc.) with more than ten people. The decision whether to book an escort or not is of course up to you. These times I would like you to understand that following the precautions is not only our responsibility but responsibility also of our clients. If you feel that your health is not in good condition, your immune system is weak, or you live with older than 55-year-old people together, it is best to avoid any physical interactions, including booking an escort.

When do I stop offering my physical services?

Whenever my financial situation gets stable, I will most likely announce temporary suspension for my physical services (so I can use the money for in-must essential living expenses without the need to take clients). Or otherwise, when the coronacrisis reaches its above limit so it would not be possible to continue offering my physical services the way I do now. I do my best to suspend my services as soon as possible. Still, I do also need to work on getting my financial situation stable. I keep monitoring the current state situation, and if the state announces full lockdown, further actions will be taken.

Why do I escort, if the job is so risky and poses the financial risks? Being employed and doing something else may be a better decision?

I do enjoy working as an escort, even in difficult times right now. The current situation of COVID-19 is the global pandemic and crisis. Not only my business going down, but also many other businesses are affected by the crisis. For instance, german biggest airline company Lufthansa has announced recently that the airline industry may not survive without state aid.

“Our business, and I speak with 30 years experience, is in an extraordinary situation,” CEO Carsten Spohr told reporters.


Getting another job may be an alternative option, but not a proportional idea for a temporary plan. Finding an alternative position may be difficult, as well as it is a time-consuming activity, due to the process that it takes to apply. Most companies are currently experiencing financial loss caused due to the restrictions settled by the Government. Therefore companies may not be needed to get more employers, and they are shutting down or already being shut down. So finding an alternative job may be stressful, time-consuming, or even impossible. So whether I am employed or self-employed, the crisis hits everyone. Many companies, including my business, are fighting now for survival.

Do I have any savings?

I do have savings, but they are not sufficient to survive the crisis in the long term. Mainly because we don’t know when the crisis is over since the situation right now is uncertain, I cannot rely entirely on my savings. They could last a maximum of one month, but not more.

You have said on your Twitter and everywhere else how your clients are paying you so well that you could be a “millionaire.” Should you have savings to survive these situations instead of contributing to the risks in the social environment?

It is essential to understand the context of my posts. I agree that I have announced several times about how I would “get a millionaire” if I would take clients. But that’s not exactly what is reality. My business relies on the principle that I take clients as long as they are following my criteria. That includes, but not limited to: following the safe sex tips, treating me with respect and honor, being polite, and paying what I ask. I admit that I would have much more savings if I would have taken every client. However, it is not possible. My purpose is to not getting rich by suffering every client’s needs, instead of taking fewer clients and enjoying time more.

My Twitter updates do not always reflect the actual situation. So to rely on based on what I post there or any other social media account should not be the source to assess the situation. That’s why I have my website, which I don’t use for “jokes.” Social media has been and will always be the channel to express my feelings, thoughts, and updates.

I do plan my financial traffic very carefully. I don’t overspend money in my monthly budget. Neither I am needy so that I have to buy always expensive things. About half of my escort income goes to the rent that I am paying from my escort incomes. About 25% of the income I spend on business needs, such as keeping up my ads, maintaining my website. And the rest of the money goes to my food, entertainment, and clothing. Therefore I need, and I always do my expenses very carefully.

Further reading regarding COVID-19 and sex work in general: https://berufsverband-sexarbeit.de/index.php/2020/03/14/corona-virus-what-sexworkers-and-everyone-else-should-be-aware-of-now/


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