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Nachrichten und Update

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My physical services are suspended until further notice: Here is what you should know

My physical services temporary suspended.


Starting from today, April 4, physical meetings can no longer take place, as announced on March 31.

I want to point out some things you should know now.

Communication and social media

  • My ads, where possible, are now not listed on public search. Communication on my external ads, such as RentMenand Jock2Go, is limited, which means that you may not be able to reach me out on any of these platforms. For instance, my RM Messenger will show, “This user is temporarily not available. The user will be back in the near future – stay tuned!” to other users when they attempt to contact me.
  • As long as I know, HUNQZ.com will be at least one escort site that will remain active on the ad base, as they have not announced the feature to freeze the account. However, it will happen, then I will freeze my account on their platform as well.
  • During the physical service suspension, I am reachable via email rihard@yourtwinklover.de or on WhatsApp less frequently than regular. Clients who have the privilege to access my non-business number should use to contact me on that number instead. During the “corona time,” I am using my business number less frequently. Respond speed to my escort email and WhatsApp number is expected to have delays. Thank you for your patience.
  • My Twitter account keeps you updated in real-time if there is anything happens. Also, my Twitter will now have less escort marketing and more focus on myself and my body. So some nude photos you may see on my Twitter account more often than before. However, full naked photos and videos are still an option for my OnlyFans subscribers.

Meetings and bookings

  • Bookings will not take place any longer. Future reservations get canceled automatically, and appropriate notice will be sent to clients with the upcoming bookings.
  • Client meetings “outside business” cannot be possible unless it is reasonable. A reasonable meeting can be only in certain circumstances: Clients who want to discuss jobs they have for me OR clients who are helping me with legal stuff and documentation that requires a physical meeting. These meetings do not include any escort services. Meetings for other reasons can not be accepted during this time.


  • All my services are now moved online. It is not entirely true that I have “replaced” my escort services to the online ones. It is just a temporary alternative to getting paid differently.
  • I have opened a webcam account on Flirt4Free platform, where you can sign up for free and watch broadcasts even for free! However, in my live streaming, I do not provide sexual acts for free. The price list for tips you may find out on my live streaming account, which you can access by clicking here.
  • To know my Flirt4Free streaming times, please head to my website and find them out. Note that I am not streaming every day and every time. Find out the next upcoming schedule, by clicking here.
  • I keep active my OnlyFans account where you can enjoy nude photos and hot videos for as low as 7 Euros per month. If streaming service on Flirt4Free is not enough for your needs or the times doesn’t work out for you, then on my OnlyFans, you can access to my photos and videos instantly. With a subscription, my nude content on OnlyFans is available at any time, anywhere, without needing to wait for me to go online.
  • Please read the rules and terms carefully on Flirt4Free as well as the OnlyFans platform. So you know how to interact with me appropriately in these platforms. Meetings and promoting escort services are not tolerated and allowed none of these platforms.

Travel plans and holidays

  • Travel plans for this year will not be announced. If situation gets enough stable that travelling is again safe and possible, then few trips may be spontaneously scheduled. That information you may find on my website.
  • My birthday trip to Estonia on May 4-11 has been already cancelled.

Current clients and their statuses

  • All client statuses, except Regular client status, will be held until the situation is back normal. Until then, my clients will not lose their client status for the time that they cannot book me due to the restrictions. That doesn’t mean that after the pandemic is over and service is back in the routine, the clients will not lose their status level if they are not booking me.
  • Once everything is back in the routine, and I announce that my physical services are back: On that day, the client statuses will unfreeze and continues to run from the day it paused (which is April 4).

Website and updates

  • My website remains functioning, with some limits that mainly affects my website user accounts. My visitors may still visit my website, subscribe to my newsletters, purchase products from my Fan Store, vote for travel destinations, and read my blog posts or news. But they cannot signup for membership access, they cannot log on and manage or see their client status, and users cannot make bookings, using my website booking form.
  • As always, also during the COVID-19 pandemic, my website is the first and primary source to find relevant updates of me and my services. I am also planning to make some new blog posts about the general topics, and so on. My website will not be dead or abandoned!
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