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Availability and waiting list

Dear clients and potential clients. Due to certain recent life-changing circumstances, I am most of the time abroad and do not meet clients. Therefore, booking me as it used to be before, is now interrupted and can be possible only when I am in Berlin. Therefore, I advise checking this calendar to see, when I am available and when I can meet.

My availability calendar

On this page, you can see my real-time availability. I update this calendar frequently, and new available times may appear here shortly. Please come back later or add yourself to the waiting list if you do not find a suitable time today. If you are interested to meet me, please let me know by contacting me on any available channel. Thank you for your understanding

Please note that you can see on this calendar my availability maximum of one month in advance. So days from now in one month, marked as red, might not show you my actual accurate availability and you need to ask for this information directly from me!

Want to get informed about my real-time availability?

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