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My rate policy changes from January 1st, 2019

Dear clients

Thank you for those I met this, 2018 year, which is about to end. It was a remarkable year. A few days ago I announced my travel dates for 2019. So it’s about to plan my next year as well as making some pricing changes and modifications that are about to take effect soon. The most important for me is to satisfy my clients and this pattern I’ll keep next coming year as well. As I’m moving to Berlin and my life is going to be more expensive in Berlin than back home, I have to announce my new pricing terms, which will take effect in January 1st, 2019.

From 01.01.2019 my pricing terms are the following:

  • My hourly incall and outcall during the business days (from Monday to Friday) 100-120 EUR*
  • My hourly incall and outcall during the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) 120-140 EUR*
  • My incall and outcall overnight during the week (from Sunday night to Thursday night) 400 EUR
  • My incall and outcall overnight during the weekend (Friday night and Saturday night) 600 EUR
  • Entire weekend bundle for Friday and Saturday night 1000 EUR

These rates are applied automatically for all the bookings, made from January 1st, 2019. So if you book me before 2019 (on December 31 latest), you’ll have the old prices for the new year bookings. The booking window is open December 31, until noon. If you haven’t booked me yet and you want to meet me in the new year, I recommend to book me before the booking window is closing (deadline is December 31, 12:00 pm CET as mentioned). I take new appointments for the next year in Berlin, Germany from January 3rd, 2019. My old hourly rate for incall and outcall appointments was 100-120 EUR for all hourly reservations, and overnight is 400 EUR for all bookings that have made in 2018.

*Please note that my hourly outcall rate during the business days and weekends does not include the transportation fees and the time fee of EUR 50 that takes me to your place. This amount will be added an extra one time fee for all outcall appointments, except for those which lasts at least 3 hrs or 1 night. All other terms will remain the same, which can be found on My Rules page.

Too expensive to book an escort?

As you see, my prices are still lower than average escort prices (which are up to 300 EUR per hr and up to 1000 EUR per overnight) after the rate change. My priority is not overcharging clients, instead offer them the best, quality time for the reasonable price! In my opinion, most escorts are overpriced, and that doesn’t mean that they are better than those who are keeping their rates lower and reasonable.

I’m a big fan of being personal and dedicated to my clients starting from online chat to the inspiring conversation and more. If you need quality time and skip the timewasters, you should consider to book me. I can guarantee you to have the best, meaningful lifelong experience, as being always smiling, with good shape and smooth body, offering you all that I can have, starting from the great personality to the perfect body, tailored just for the perfect occasion. I have boyfriend experience as well as girlfriend experience, and I’m especially best for the beginners who have less experience or just “exploring” and want to try something new.

And with this conception, I’m striving myself to be the best in town time by time. I’m very strict about myself, following the best lifestyle practice by working hard in the gym to gain a perfect body, eating healthier and being also loyal to the government by paying taxes and keeping the local laws to satisfy my clients by being honest and transparent as well as being legal.

Did you know?

In 2018, many clients have already told that my prices are too low. I have been offered up to 200 euros for an hourly date and up to 500 euros for the overnight! Even those clients who are still complaining about my hourly and overnight prices had the best experience ever that made them change their mind about price complaints.

Looking forward to our next date in 2019, let’s make it the best and unforgettable!

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