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New terms, features, and changes in my services starting from January 2021

New in 2021 Rihard

Good news! I will continue offering my physical services also in 2021! The other good news is that despite the new economic situation and bills that increase in Germany starting from 2021, my rates will not go up and remain the same as in previous years. However, some changes will take effect from the new year.

Each year, in December, I review my current policies concerning my escort services and other services I offer in the following year (including, but not limited to online services) and make appropriate adjustments. In 2021 I bring some new terms and features to my services, taking effect on January 1, 2021. The changes are listed in this post and will force after the due date.

Changes in my booking policy – new booking limit policy

I change the way how clients can book me. In particular, this governs the limit of the bookings per month clients can make, based on their client status. Previously, there was no limit on how many times clients can book me per month or year. However, this will change now.

  • My Frequent Clients (clients who have two up to three hourly and/or overnight bookings within 4 months) can book me a total of 3 times a month (with an average one booking per week) for bookings that are less than 3 nights, and 2 times for bookings that are more than 3 nights long;
  • My Silver Clients (clients who have at least four hourly bookings or with the combination of hourly and overnight bookings that does not exceed 4 overnights within 4 months) can book me a total of 4 times a month (with an average of one booking per week) for bookings that are less than 3 nights, and 3 times for bookings that are more than 3 nights long;
  • My Gold Clients (clients who have at least four overnights within 4 months) can book me a total of 5 times a month for bookings that are less than 3 nights and 4 times for bookings that are more than 3 nights long.

However, this tule will not regulate the frequency of how many bookings clients can make per week. The idea and reason for this update are to keep clients motivated and excited and give some space for my personal life, at the same time, keeping stable my monthly revenue. Clients may still book me for a month-long if they wish. The monthly limits reset on the first day of the month.

Other booking terms and policies remains in place and are untouched.

New additions on my services

Last year, I announced new optional booking insurance, which gives you the ability to protect your booking with a more flexible refund policy. From 2021, I offer some new add-ons to my bookings that can be purchased optionally as well. These additions are offered to clients who have INCALL bookings, and they are the following:

  • My clients can optionally purchase sparkling wine, fruits, or other beverages and snacks waiting before your arrival. They spice up your experience and make it even more romantic or festive, depending on the occasion. Whether it is your birthday or just a holiday, you will find the perfect solution to upgrade your evening.

The menu and available additions you will find on my website, under the rates and pricing page after the corona crisis is over, and my physical services are resumed.

New features in my client statuses

I announce new features in my client statuses, particularly concerning the client statuses for Gold and Silver clients. New feature: From the new year, my Gold clients remain in contact with me even if I suspend my escort services permanently (forever). I also offer my Silver clients and Gold clients more flexible payment options, such as delayed payment. You can pay now “later” if you don’t have money in your hand at the moment or you want to extend the booking spontaneously. You may find more features about the client statuses in my client dashboard or by contacting me in person.

New members access policy on my website and nude content visibility

Starting from the new year, there will be no more access to my naked content on my website for non, unauthorized users. These changes have been made to have more control over the users and prevent youth (minors) from accessing content that is not suitable to view. Also, it prevents the “fake clients” to access my private media without having real intention to book.

From the new year, clients who intend to book me and want to see more of me can get permission from me in person, at my sole discretion, by receiving a unique invitation code. For existing users and clients, these changes will not take effect. Clients can also no longer request photos in chat on the HUNQZ website, as it was possible before. However, that rule does not apply to my private galleries on the RentMen website.

Existing users and clients (including clients who do not yet have access) can continue using the website like before. When the user intends to obtain access, he will be asked if he is already a client or a “new client.” Depending on the answer, clients will need to provide the email that is attached to their reservation. My system will then check the client’s email and grant access or reject it (if no bookings have been made or found from the email provided). This can be done according to my Website Privacy Policy. Those who are “new clients” will have to provide the invitation code obtained personally via the chat.

Currently, new signups are disabled due to the service suspension. The restrictions and changes will be immediately taking force when service suspension is lifted, and new signups are open.

Online services remains in place also in 2021

During the corona crisis in 2020, many of my services have moved online. I have been more focused on providing online services such as OnlyFans, LustSnap, CamLust, etc. These services will continue even after my physical services will resume.

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