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One year since I started!

Did you know that it’s one year since I started escorting? Yes, unbelievable but time has run so fast. It was like yesterday when I came with the idea to create my brand new profile to Planetromeo corporate website, called HUNQZ. Back then, I had no idea, how many clients I will have, how my income would be and so on. It was my very first escorting experience and now, one year later has changed and happened a lot.

Exactly one year ago, in January 2018 I started to create the first account to the escorting site HUNQZ, after that I gained a lot of messages. The year gave me much insight and helped me to develop communication with my clients. Back when I started with escorting, my conversation was quite poor with clients. I ignored most people even not knowing what I am doing. The most challenging part still for me is communicating with people, like clients. Most clients don’t speak proper English, most are just trying to send me a message like “how are you,” asking me questions without even reading my profiles, getting in endless chat that doesn’t lead nowhere and so on. So I’m still experiencing sometimes frustration, but so far people I’ve met in real life were friendly, polite and accurate.

People I’ve met during this time have sometimes asked me: are your clients are friendly and polite? Well, the answer is simple. The most challenging part of escorting is not meeting clients, but having a conversation with people who do not really know what they are doing and for which purposes. As I told already, some people are not even intending to get me booked and having service; instead, they just mess up with casual chat. Also, the most challenging part is when people are starting to book or promising a good value of money, and then just suddenly disappearing. When we already have an appointment scheduled, it is like a victory and a big step to forward. Meeting clients in person isn’t really hard to me. I remember back when I started with escorting, meetings were hard sometimes. I had no idea what to do and is it an excellent idea to meet. My concerns were: Are they healthy? Are they trustworthy? Are they safe? Do they want awkward things? Is it enjoyable? Is it worth it?

After passing a few months, I realized that being and working as an escort isn’t bad and could be even enjoyable! Traveling around the world, having fancy dinners and drinks, going out for the shows and concerts with the client, could be a luxurious thing, but not suitable for every person. Sometimes people are wondering, do I ever think that sex with strangers, or even worse – sex with ugly men could be enjoyable and not yucky? No, that’s not the matter of escorting. I have never thought about that. I realized that accompanying (escorting) is a job like every other job. You may like it sometimes, but then when you get stressed, or you just have a terrible time, you could not enjoy it. Being as an escort isn’t abomination or something you need to worry. If you are escorting, you cannot think that it is awkward, yucky or bad. You just have to enjoy the time and not think about; otherwise, you cannot work as an escort!

I think I’m not different than others, I’m a regular guy who is living my everyday life. I have hobbies, talents, interests and good friends with whom to spend time. I noticed that escorts could have a very different background. Some companions (in my next statements we state sometimes escorts as companions) are singers, some are even businessman (not regarding escorting). But of course, not all companions are friendly.

I had an appointment recently with the client who told me stories about escorts he met. Some stories were really shocking. He said that he had met escorts who are doing drugs or could even be dangerous. One time he met a companion who had a knife, so he attacked a client to get his money and throw him away. I learned from this story that every independent escort have their own choice what they want to do and who they would like to be. I’m not definitely one of those “dangerous” escorts on the field, but I also understand that clients are sometimes tricky because of having such a lousy experience from the past. I learned from my experience since I started to do the job that I would like to be an escort who is trustworthy, who can offer the best time to my clients. I want to be different, like some other escorts. My goal is still to get back my clients who have met me. To meet clients continually is a great way to build an excellent business-related relationship or even friendship. I don’t want to be like the escort who is living one day and thinking how to get drugs from the paid services.

So now, one year later, I have developed myself and can see the world bit wider. As like clients are different, so do escorts. A throwback to the year of 2018, I’ve met clients who are singers, businessmen, even escorts who wanted to get my services, simple people who are just trying out what it would like to be with a companion or people who are trying out new things. I’ve met beautiful escorts, who are smart, genuine, with a good conversation and so on (haven’t used their services, though). So I’m proud to be who I am now and proud to be in this community!

When I started the first time to offer my services, I had some goals in my mind that I wanted to achieve. The primary objective was traveling around Europe. For that, I created a travel plan that I want to make. I visited last year like more than 7 different countries, and that was just from my own planned trip. There was also a client trip that had many and that I’m not counting. So the first year of escorting was quite productive. I started to notice that I become wanted and popular among with other escorts. From time to time I also found a way to become better with organizing. I remember when I started the first time to plan my schedule, trips and more, I used a plain paper to write down all my appointments, but that became difficult, so I found out that finding a simple booking system could be much more comfortable. Back then I also accepted only cash payments, but now that I have been developed and brought some new ideas in daily bases, I brought online payments (such as a PayPal) to my payment methods.

First months when I did escort, I was very taff with clients. My conversation was not flexible, and I literally ignored so many clients who were said just “hi,” “hello,” or “how are you?”. I learned from some experiences that some clients would feel more comfortable if they start with such greetings and it could lead to a real appointment! So if you are escorting, you could learn it from my experience as well. I know that sometimes it could be a quite annoying start, but accompanying means also being super patient with clients you interact. People are so different, and individuals could have various meanings, traditions, culture and so one. So in other words: they have a very different background. Escorts must know it already!

Beside that I have changed the way of making it easier to schedule appointments and taking payments, I also changed a lot about communication. I learned that sharing my personal contact details, such as a personal email and phone number, could not be safe. So I ordered a particular number and created an individual email account for just taking appointments and communicating with clients. In that way, I can keep my personal (private) life and business separately. It’s handy!

Sometimes clients are calling me during the night which is quite annoying. Therefore I have always my “business” phone separately and silenced during the night, unlike my personal self-phone. My friends know that they should not disturb me during the night, so I have no fear that my phone is ringing during the night. Also, business phone helps me to keep away messages like “do you want to suck my c*ck,” “how much is a blowjob” and so on, from my personal phone.

Now that you had a quite long story through my escorting experience over a year, you have seen that escorting is quite interesting, but sometimes challenging. So, happy first anniversary to me! Comments are welcome. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “One year since I started!”

  1. Lovely Rihard, it is now your third year. Congratulations! It is also almost 2 years ago that I met you and when you wrote this text. You have been my first (and also last) escort. I often think about this period in my life. Although I fully enjoyed the physical service, two other things always come into my mind: First thing is my birthday, when we played a board game together and you were one of the few people who took their time for me on that day. It felt so incredible great! You even gave me a gift, that I still keep for good memories. And then I remember the day, when I gave a massage to you. It was a very good feeling for me to can give something in return. Every second with you was extremely joyful. I keep my fingers crossed for you! Thank you for giving me these intense moments and for the sweet and warm memories! Marcus

    • Dear Marcus. Thank you very much for your comment. Yes, I do remember our meeting almost 2 years ago. It was fantastic. I have to admit that it is really a pity that we were not meeting anymore. But I do understand and respect whatever came in your way, and as always, I am waiting for you back in my two arms. If you feel like you want to write to me, feel free to do so on my email [email protected]. I wish you all the luck and success in your life.

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