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3 things you should avoid when writing me!

Hey guys. Another day and another blog post got inspired from last week. I hope you had time to read my first post already! I think that previous week post was a quite good start off the go!

Today I’m more focused about my non-official release, as my posts are an excellent source to get to know my thoughts, tips and so on. The most “must on” essential information you’ll find from other pages on my site and strongly recommended to read before to book me. But today I want to share some tips to understand what I hated most when clients were trying to contact me.

So first thing: Asking more pictures

Often clients are trying to ask me to “prove” myself, by taking a selfie and so on. It is a really annoying request. Okay, I understand that they want to book the boy who is in the picture, BUT for me, it takes a lot of time to make myself look well. For example, if I go on a client appointment, I’ll make myself ready by making haircut or dressing appropriately. Sending the picture to a client is not much different than getting ready for a date. It would be very annoying to get a haircut every day to send a selfie or change my clothes. When I wake up, I usually look quite sleepy, at home I don’t really care how I do look. So why I should do this? Many of the sites I did already the verification process to make it little calm to everyone. But still, sending a selfie to a client is also something that requires work beforehand (even selfies should look well). You should avoid asking additional prove!

Second thing: Expressing themselves wrong

The other problem is that people who are writing to me, sometimes have issues to make a logical and human-readable sentence that can make sense. Why it shows unprofessionalism? Well, we escort (or at least me) trying to be clear when I’m talking with my clients. Even that I accompany and not a financial manager or CEO, I still want to keep a professional level of communication. I don’t usually care whether the client is a CEO or customer assistant, but showing a bad grammar behavior tells me a bit about the client in advance and makes it feel not trustworthy. They are not even trying to make themselves clear that shows that client is not serious. Most often those clients are not even real, instead of timewasters who are just pic collectors.

Third thing: Doesn’t read profile carefully

Another annoying thing is that I often receive messages that include the following, for example: “do you do this, and this and maybe that?” P l e a s e   r e a d    m y    p r o f i l e  ! I’m tired of repeating myself. Seriously, if you order a pizza, you’re not going to expect a burger, don’t you?

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