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How do I find inspiration for my blog posts?

Having an escort blog has become one of the attractive things in my escort business. Over a year, I got a lot of positive feedback about my blog posts. To have a blog is a great way among the escort job to keep visitors engaged about the things that could inspire both my clients and escorts for inspiring topics and useful material to read. But maybe you have ever wondered how and where I find the inspiration to write blog posts, and where do I get the topics? In this post, I will explain how do I make this masterpiece.

Writing a blog post seems to be an easy task. Having a unique escort blog that not so many escorts will probably have, is something that could attract more visitors and audiences who are involving in the escort business. I found out that my blog is an interesting and useful source for both clients and escorts as I discuss various topics involving escort work from my perspective. But just sharing the experience is not enough to make it enjoyable.

As managing this business all alone, I have tons of tasks I need to deal with in my everyday business. And believe or not, writing a blog post is the most dedicated task that will take most of the time from my business. Especially if I have many clients, and I am overbooked on some days, writing a blog post could be a challenge. So here are the reasons.

Finding motivation and setting goals

The most crucial fact about having an escort blog is to find a topic. If there is no topic, there is no post, right? My goal is now to post one topic at least once every month. I have to admit that there are some months, as you see, mainly in summer when I fall out of the goal. And for the reason that I don’t have time. Writing a post, as mentioned, should be an easy task, but formatting and making it easy to read comes with many other tasks that have to be done before publishing. So how can I find topics I want for my audience to read?

Back when I started with my first blog post on December 1, 2018 (now almost a year ago), I had to set the goals and targets. There were questions, like who I am going to address my blog posts? What they should talk about? How should I make them easy to read and understand? How they could be useful and inspiring to other readers?

My strategy was not only to write exciting stories but also inspire my readers. I thought that being the only escort is a bit selfish, as i believe that everything in my life should somehow benefit others too. So understanding the nature of the escort business, there would be many who are confusing today about understanding the job. How can I do it alone? Where should I start? These topics are relevant for many people who are just about new in this industry, or they have not all the experiences they think that would help them to be successful. We, escorts, are just like a community wherein my opinion; we should help each other and motivate. That’s why we also have some escort associations that are counseling people working in this area.

My blog is indirect guidance for others

Despite that I cannot help each individually, and I’m not a counseling service; I find that my blog post can be an indirect way of the source to help others. But at the same time also helps my clients to keep informed about my news and updates and understanding who we are and what we do in our everyday business.

So the topics I find must be relevant and covering many aspects of the escort job. For example, in my blog posts, I discuss the way we organize our work from my experience, what clients should know at a glance, what to expect, and what we expect from them.

Back when I started with my first posts, I had so many topics in my mind. Being an escort now for almost two years, I’ve got some topics that I would like to spread to other people based on my experience. Occasionally these topics are coming in a very random and unexpected way. So how do my topics are coming from? Where do I find inspiration for the topics?

Scenarios of how the topics are coming from

As you see, since a year ago, when I published my first post, I have regularly written about more than 20 different posts. And there is, of course, more to come. Are they actually occurring on the go? Well, yes and no. You may be surprised, but most of my topics are coming in very random places. For example, it is Friday night. I am on the line on the way to the club. I’m thinking about my next coming dates. Then I read my emails and messages that clients are sending to me. Suddenly I get inspired and need to post something that was influenced by the client or activity. Since I cannot post them on the go immediately, I have to queue it. So I do. I create a task for it and then schedule. So I got the idea in the coming weeks to post about it!

The second scenario is like that: I’ve met a client. For instance, he did something that I would immediately find to be useful to know for others. Since I cannot publish it instantly, I have to schedule it. So I put it in the queue. Now I have already two blog posts in line, so what’s next?

I come to the home, and in the next few weeks, I find the most convenient time. It has to be most likely in the evening when I have no bookings and no distractions. I will sit next to my table and prepare to take off an hour or two. I probably sit in my “home office” in Berlin, where there is a comfort zone. Next to my table, there is a bed where I offer a service. Having so many thoughts in my mind that needs to spread, I start writing. So my first step is about to start: writing a draft.

The start: Writing a draft

After the first step – finding a topic, the following step is writing a draft – the initial version of my blog post, where I start typing fast, to express all my thoughts and feelings. Probably this is the time now when I have to turn off all my distractions because of the dedication. Mostly my initial version of posts is coming with lots of grammar errors and mistakes because I write them fast. Having written everything, I start to format and adjust them.

Adjusting drafts

The important thing about my blog posts is to make it clear and understandable for the audience. That contains many aspects I need to follow. After the initial version of my new blog post is ready, it’s time to start adjusting and modifying. In this step, I focus on grammar mistakes (correctness), clarity, engagement, and delivery. Why these aspects are important? Now that we have discussed the basics and how do I find the topics and for which purpose, I am going to explain the techniques I am using before I make my posts live.

  • Correctness improves spelling, grammar, and punctuation. My blog must look professional, as I have visitors from a very different background – starting from academic people to the businessmen. Having a professional blog builds also trust in my clients.
  • Clarity helps make my blog posts easy to understand. No matter if you have an academic grade or not, blog posts that are easy to read and understand, is essential to every reader, making it understandable even for the people who would not understand every word and phrase in escort terms. My blog is to read for everyone, no matter who you are or what is your background. For that purpose, I create different topics and always thinking about my readers at the same time, about how they would understand my text.
  • Engagement helps make my blog posts more appealing and practical to read. After finishing my draft, all sentences might be messed up and repeat the same meaning, as I’m writing fast and don’t often pay attention to the fact that I appear the same meaning. It is quite annoying to read over again the same text, right? So in this phase, I also check that my sentences are unique and deliver the individual message. It is always fun to read interesting and unique stuff!
  • Delivery helps to make the right impression on my readers. Indeed, writing a blog post is not a static activity. Blog posts should express human feelings and thoughts about a particular object or topic. For that reason, it is essential to give the right impression to my readers, understanding the importance and necessity of the topic.

After reviewing the aspects outlined above, I am ready to move to the final phase: formatting.

Final step: Formatting and publishing the post

Formatting the post is the last final phase before I publish the post. In this phase, I make my blog post visually looking good. If necessary, I add some media (such as photos, videos, embedded content, etc.) into my blog post. Make text bold in the areas where it’s needed to pay extra attention, add some links if necessary, and separate articles with the subheading to make it easier to classify the subtopics in that particular article. Then I’ll add some tags in my blog post, select the category, and then it’s time for a quick review before publishing it to live.\


As seen, writing a blog post is one step to another and involves lots of dedication and time before it goes live. For me, writing a blog post is like a masterpiece: the topics must be carefully selected so it would be relevant for readers, and well-formatted so it would be easier to read.

I hope you have lots of fun reading my blog posts! If you have any comments or questions, feel free to post them. Now that you know how my blog posts are coming, you’ll have a clear understanding and knowledge that it is not possible to continually post on every day or even every week. However, there is still a lot of ongoing scheduled posts that will be in live for the next months! So stay in tune, and if you want to get notified about my new blog posts, follow me now on Twitter or subscribe to my newsletter below on the site footer. Have fun and till the next posts!

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