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Corona and my Escort services

Information as of February 8, 2021

Dear clients,

Unfortunately, due to the official order, my escort activities are suspended until further notice. I apologize to all my clients and potential clients who were intended to meet me and looked forward to our date.

Your safety and well-being is always my utmost concern. Rest assured that I do everything to have our date in the future as safe as possible while we have lots of fun.

Restrictions and changes in my services

During the corona-related suspension, the following functions are unavailable:

  • Access to my members-only and client area on my website
  • Send a request to see my private content
  • Use your client benefits, such as special perks, Fan Shop client discounts, etc.
  • Make a booking using the booking form on my website
  • Contacting me via my RM (Rentmen) and Jock2Go profile (including contacting me via RM messenger)
  • Use my Priority Contact service (all questions will be handled and answered as soon as possible)
  • Live chat with me on my website (use Quick Contact instead)

You can still:

  • Subscribe to my newsletters on my website
  • Read or comment my blog posts
  • Send me a message via the Quick Contact form on my website (delays may be expected in answers)
  • Contact me via email and WhatsApp messenger (delays may be expected in answers)
  • Contact me on HUNQZ.com (delays may be expected in answers)
  • Subscribe to my online services
  • Access to my shop
  • Use any other functions on my website, unless specified otherwise

Do I lose my client status because I cannot book?

You will not lose your client status if your status is due to expire after April 4, 2020. All client statuses are currently frozen and will not expire unless no bookings are made after I resume my physical services. Having said that, you will not be able to use also your client benefits while your client status is frozen. After physical services are resumed, your current level (if any) and its benefits will continue to run from the point as of April 4, 2020.

Where can I get faster answer?

The fastest way to approach me is by texting me on WhatsApp at +49 (0) 15141396103. You can also send me an email or text me on any external ads, where possible. However, there may be delays in response (including in WhatsApp). I'll do my best to answer you as soon as possible, but I always answer first to the clients who are interested in my online services. Please be advised that the Priority Contact service is currently unavailable.

When my physical services will be resumed?

My physical services are suspended until further notice. Unfortunately, I am unable to provide any more information at this time. I monitor the current situation closely and will update this page when there is new information available.

Follow me also on Twitter @yourtwinklover to get the latest information about my physical services.

What services do I offer right now?

I do offer various services, available exclusively on certain platforms and are risk-free. To find out what alternatives I have, you can take a look at my online service page.

You can also shop on my Official Fan Shop, located on yourtwinklover.shop.

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