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Safety information for clients during the corona

After long service suspension, I'm happy to welcome you back! You can rest assured that I take everything to make you feel safe and comfortable. Your safety and well-being is always my utmost concern. To minimize the potential spread of viruses, I have introduced new health measures following the guidelines by the government. While they may not be the perfect solution for you and might cause lots of inconveniences, I kindly ask you to follow these rules to protect my health, your health, and my future client's health. Please keep yourself also informed of the temporary restrictions and corona measures in my services.

Information and things you should consider before booking

If you haven’t yet, please read on this page the new health measures and service restrictions carefully.
Due to the imposed risk of COVID-19, my rates during the coronavirus pandemic are about 20% higher than normal. More information you can find on my rates page.

Book me only if you feel well, and you have no corona symptoms. If you have been tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, stay at home, and postpone our meeting plans.

If possible, please don’t travel or plan trips for two weeks before we meet.

Due to the coronavirus, I am obligated to record your visit by collecting certain information (such as name and phone number) from you. After submitting the requested information, you will receive the trace id, which you have to provide me to verify your registration. Without verifying your registration, you cannot meet me, and you cannot get instructions on how to get to me (if INCALL). You can fill out the form online. I do not provide paper forms at this time. If you have problems or questions with filling up the form, feel free to contact me. Your data will be retained in my database for five weeks.

If you intend to book me in the next coming days, I recommend registering your appointment now to speed up the booking process. You'll be asked to do this anyways. The easiest way for you to make a booking is first registering your appointment here, and then sending your booking request using the booking button on my website.

You can book me only in Berlin right now. I do not travel outside Berlin, and that also includes Germany.

If you are older than 65 or in a risk group, you cannot book me during the coronavirus pandemic. This rule is to avoid serious consequences.

Getting ready for the service

Typically my cancellation time is minimum with 24-hour notice. During the corona pandemic, the minimum cancellation notice is 12-hours instead (valid only for hour-base bookings, not overnight). All other cancellation terms remain effective, and you can read them on my rules page.

Remember that you can cancel your appointment in short notice if you don’t feel well or got sick. But if you have an appointment in the evening, then that doesn’t mean that you will tell me 10 minutes before the appointment that you got sick. If you got sick, you would tell this as soon as possible; otherwise, you might not be able to book me anymore.

You must have a shower always before the service. Each client has a maximum of 15 minutes for that, which is excluded from service. If possible, please bring your own towels. If you don’t have towels with you, the clean towels can be provided by me. You don’t need to carry washing supplies, but if you want to bring your own, you can. I have shower gel and shampoo at home.

My service starts after you have finished your showering. Clients who have OUTCALL booking (in their hotel or home) do not have to prove to me that they have showered.

You are obligated to wear a mask all the time except when 1,5 m distance between us is observed. I have the right to deny offering you service without any refund is safety measures are not kept with respect.

During the service

Our service starts as always, with getting to know each other. It is a crucial and excellent moment for us to get to know each other and feel comfortable. This time would be included in my services. You are not only obligated to wear a mask during the conversation but also sexual intercourse. You can remove the mask only if you are eating or drinking, or having a shower. When you don't wear the mask, a distance of 1,5m between us must be observed. You are exempted from wearing a mask only if you have the paper from the doctor, and you can show it to me.

Please be aware that I do not offer any face-to-face and mouth-to-mouth kissing service at this time. And I do NOT provide face masks.

After receiving the service

If you have been tested positive for COVID-19 within two weeks after our service, please inform me as soon as you get the test result. That helps me to take appropriate and necessary actions immediately. Your report is anonymous, and I will not mention anything to anyone about you.

And above all, I hope you enjoyed the time, and you leave me a good review. 🙂 It helps my future clients to make appropriate decisions.

Right now, my special client statuses are paused to avoid tempting my clients to book me.

But if you consider booking me more often in the future, you will have fantastic client benefits, tailored to the clients who are booking me often. For more information, ask me. 🙂

Please book me only at your own risk!

Last updated: 12.10.2020

Frequently Asked Questions

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