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Hello, and welcome!

Hey folks!

I have no idea, what to write at the moment, but I try to be as short as possible and share some thoughts in this blog post. So, I’m happy that you found out my website. My name is Rihard, and I want to send you warm greetings. As an escort, I started this year, on January 1st. So as you see, it’s almost a one year since I began to serve my clients. Time is just flying fast! Some people may wonder, why I am doing this? Well, before I started as an escort, I had a boyfriend.

I never thought that I would be an “officially” an escort. But after I broke up with my ex-boyfriend, I tried to find a relationship. Finding a relationship wasn’t an easy task for me. Not because I’m fat, ugly and whatever (of course it would be so obvious), but because I just did not find my “perfect match.” Inside me, I had a kind of a wish that I’ll find a guy with whom I can build my future and have the same feelings that I had with my ex. But after several dates, I just did not felt anymore the same touches as I did with my ex-boyfriend. And I don’t even understand, why. Maybe I’m still stuck on my past love, or perhaps I just cannot find a more perfect guy than him. Anyways, after I realized that it is almost impossible to get back those feelings I had within my first and most meaningful relationship, I started to find something new. I knew and always noticed, whenever I went on a date, that guys started to have a crush on me. Even when I went to the gay clubs or spent social time with my gay friends, I noticed it. So I realized that I must be a popular guy!

So, as my parents have never been wealthy, somewhat financially needy, I would never have a chance to live the life where I can afford everything. I knew at the same time that many guys I like me, so I thought that I want to try something new. “Sleeping for money” sounds maybe duff, but fair enough to be honest. For me, it sounded bit complicated and even unpleasant, but then more I tried it, the more I actually like it. Being escort isn’t an abomination, it is being honest with yourself. I know that I cannot get back what I felt with my ex, or in other words, I cannot find my perfect guy, so I need something else, which can benefit maybe not exactly what you can feel when you’re in the relationship, but in other way – In a financial way. So far I have met quite nice guys. Some are better than others and reverse. I learned that being an escort isn’t really like “sleeping for money,” instead it’s like entertainment and fun! Of course, I would lie if I tell that sometimes I need to have sex with the guys who are the perfect type, but that’s a part of being an escort. It’s like a work a customer service when sometimes you meet excellent clients and sometimes not very nice ones. But after all, I would rather have sex for money, than sex with random guys for nothing! I must admit that luckily I have fund guys who would somebody in my age fucked for free! Some people are thinking that having sex for money is like selling your soul and body, but that’s not true. It is just a very conservative way to imagine how escorts are working. Of course, for some companions, it can be like that, because people are different. But for me, no.

So this is my short introduction about my beginning. I hope you found it to be an exciting start. As it is my first blog post, I just want to let you know that you can always subscribe to get instant notifications about important updates and news. On my escortbook website, you may find information about the services I offer as well as pricing and other useful stuff. Also, you can book me on this site or see my gallery. In future, I would definitely add some more blog posts and stuff to read both to escorts and clients. So again, hello and welcome to my site!

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  1. Hi Rihard. My name is Jeff. I saw you ad on RM and then went to your website. It was nice reading your words and blogs. I am an American currently in Vienna for the holidays. It would be wonderful to meet you someday. ?


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