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WATCH NOW! A video interview of me

My long awaited video interview is now available. Watch it now!

In this video interview, I answered some questions related to me and my escort job. I recorded video in 2019, early in the fall. I planned to release the video interview already in December 2019, but due to the busy time I were not able to post it on time as promised.

Subjects for the video were selected based on the most frequently asked topics and questions submitted by the clients and website visitors. Currently, the video is in the English language. I plan to also add the German subtitles soon to it. Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “WATCH NOW! A video interview of me”

  1. It’s lovely to watch you Rihard. You are really a great person. I hope I can meet you a lot of times again the next years. And if you want to come to Holland only for holiday, you can stay for free at my place just outside Amsterdam.

    With all the love in my heart to you,

    Robbert Veninga


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