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I am going to adjust my subscription price on OnlyFans starting from May 11

Starting from May 11, my OnlyFans subscription prices will change. Currently, my members are paying monthly for $15; the 3-month subscription price is $31.50, half-year subscription $54, and annual subscription $90. From Monday, May 11, the subscription price will go down by 66,73%. The new prices for subscriptions are the following:

  • Monthly subscription (30 days): $4,99;
  • 3-months: $10,47 ($3,49 per month);
  • 6-months: $17,94 ($2,99 per month);
  • 12-months: $30 ($2,50 per month).

The new subscription price will not affect the frequency of posting the content. However, I have decided to offer now fewer discounts. So instead of providing discounts, I do offer now a subscription price that can be affordable and reasonable. Since it is not possible to book me in physically, more and more of my fans are now expecting online fun. The crisis affects also many of their financial situations, and as people on my Twitter poll have answered, most of them cannot afford the old subscription price.

The decision to change my subscription price has come from many feedbacks and inspirations from other creators. The other reason is that right now; I cannot post as many videos to have fun with others as I did before. I have always wanted to give a reasonable price that meets the content quality. I have been a member of OnlyFans since January 2020, and I have learned a lot from my fans. I am so thankful for the current subscriptions, feedback, and support from my fans. The money they spend on me has a meaningful value for me, and the feedback they give for me makes the content I post on my OnlyFans even more interesting and engaging. Do you want to find out? Check it out now!

It is not yet sure how long I will keep the new subscription price. But my plan, for now, is to keep the new subscription price at least until the pandemic escalates. If I will change it afterward or not, I will decide later.

The pricing for so-called “extras” (extra services available exclusively to my OnlyFans subscribers) will not change in this update. These changes affecting only regular membership subscriptions.

Screenshot 2020 05 10 At 17.18.20
New subscription prices and pricing for the extras
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