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You can call me Rihard.

I do, sometimes. But I’m not addicted, heavy smoker. 

I’m not a bodybuilder. I’m a slim twink boy who has soft skin and normal body shape, but I do not have big muscles, nor I am anorexic.

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You’ve seen me probably many places to appear and visible.  I live now in Berlin, Germany. So I take incalls only in Berlin where I live. However, you are welcome to invite me to your country and city, if you agree to pay for my travel tickets and time for the companionship. I’m open for the outcall trips as much as incall appointments. If you see me traveling to your city,  then you can mark the dates that are visible on my profile to your calendar and set the reminder on so you could catch me up when I’m in your city.

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I can speak Estonian, Russian, little bit Finnish and German. However, I provide support in my emails, in profile chats and so on, only in English.

I’ve stated myself currently as a bisexual.

Height: 175cm; Height: 68kg; Foot size: 43. All these indicators are measured in the European system (EU).

No, I don’t.

Bookings (18)

You must be at least 18 years old to meet me. There is no maximum age.

To know my available dates and times, please send me a direct message to my email – rihard@yourtwinklover.de. There is also my availability calendar on my website where you can see the estimated availability.

Please do not send me a booking request via “Book me!” button on top of the site unless you are sure that you want to book me actually.

If you press on the button “Book me!” on top of the header, you will acknowledge that you send me a booking request. All requests made via “Book me!” form, are subject to review. If my available times match with the requested dates, the booking request will be confirmed automatically. So please use the button only if you know what you do. Once the booking is approved, the appointment is expected, and rules on my rules page, are effective to you. For general questions or estimated inquiry, please use the quick contact (see on the bottom of the page) or priority contact options.

There is no firm rule about how much in advance you have to book me. However, the recommended advance notice for incall and outcall appointments in my city should be about 3 days in advance and outside my city or country for one month in advance. That time will most likely give you the possibility to meet me. If you book me with too short time notice in advance, then most likely I might reject your booking request as I have also to plan my time, and sometimes I get booked very fast by clients.

I need your phone number in order to process the booking since I don’t know you probably enough to trust. Just hope that “maybe you are showing up” does not put me on the comfort zone. Sometimes there might come up something urgent, so your phone number would be the next tool where I could let you know about such situations. Also, your phone number gives me more trust that you are a real and honest person who is intending to show up on time to our appointments. Read more about your privacy on my Legal & Safety page.

Clients who are booking me for the outcall services, have to pay also a one-time fee, which includes the time and transportation for me to come to you and back. The one-time fee is always the same and fixed and applied even if I don’t need transportation. The one-time fee excluded if the client books me more than for 3 hours or 1 overnight and travel costs are not exceeding EUR 10.00. If travel costs are exceeding EUR 10.00, the client has to pay only the transportation costs and not the time fee.

If you’re not satisfied, that’s okay — no hard feelings. In fact that I haven’t disappointed many of my clients so far, I understand if for some reason It doesn’t work out with us. You have rights to say no and cancel our appointment without being charged. You may read about this on My Rules page how my cancellation policy works.

Escorts are more professional in any matters: they can be a good listener as well as super dedicated to you and make you feel great than regulars guys who you would find on dating apps. We, escorts, believe that clients who are booking us, are valuing their time and quality. They know what they need, and they respect their needs. To book an escort doesn’t always have to mean that you don’t get a guy for free. But escorts are the best especially for those, who are new, looking for something unique and wants to save the time to look around and find guys who would probably never care about your needs. You can read more about this on my blog post.

If you invite me somewhere outside in my hometown, you have to pay all my corresponding travel costs, such as transportation tickets to your city and returning tickets back to my hometown. Also, you have to carry the costs of food, transportation costs, and any other corresponding costs, if they are necessary. You have to carry only those costs that are expected to occur as long as we are together. If you invite me to a country where there is a visa or any other travel documents required, you also have to prepare to carry costs that are coming from the process of application of visa or any travel documents. Even if the visa process fails and we cannot meet, you are still responsible for covering these costs. Among all other travel costs, you are also responsible for paying for my time, according to the agreement we have.

When the client already did expenses to me, I value and appreciate it. For me, it means a lot. So thank you for that trust! However, as much as I try to keep everything scheduled, there can always happen something in our lives, so I cannot always guarantee that everything would go as planned. But I try to do as much as it is in my power so that we can meet. Of course, if something changes by my side and I cannot come, and you made already any expenses so that we can meet, ask first to get a refund from your travel agency or company. If that is not possible, I will refund you the cost what you made for me to come to you.

Typically it starts from the evening at 21:00 and ends at noon. But I am super flexible about arrangements if they are reasonable.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you can meet me after you purchased the tickets or did any travel expenses for me. If you have plan changes, you have to let me know about this in advance so I can cancel our appointment according to my cancellation policy. After you cancel our meeting, you can seek assistance from the company or travel agency where you bought the tickets to get help with the cancellations and ticket refunds.

The transportation tickets (if necessarily) must pay by the client in advance. A client can choose by his own which transportation, travel agent or company he would prefer to use to book the tickets. If you have issues with selecting the proper way for me to come to you, you can always ask me for some suggestions or consultation. I’m even happy to assist you in organizing the proper way for me to come to you, but I WILL NOT pay for the tickets.

Yes, I do. Just drop me a message for more information.

Sure. Just use the button “Book me!” on top of the site.

The definition rule about my minimum and maximum stay for the incall and outcall appointments are the following: Regular INCALL and OUTCALL in BERLIN, GERMANY: Minimum stay 1 hour and maximum stay 3 days Any OUTCALL inside EU and SCHENGEN (Belgium, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, France, Poland, Norway, UK, Ireland, Iceland, Turkey): Minimum stay 3 hours and maximum stay 30 days Any OUTCALL outside EU and NON-SCHENGEN (USA, Canada, South-America, Australia, Asia, Russia): Minimum stay 3 days and maximum stay 30 days These limits above definites how long you can book me for the minimum and maximum stay. Some countries are banned because of some circumstances. To know which countries are banned, you can ask from me directly.

There are some countries where I am not traveling on behalf of the client request. These countries might have difficulty to get a visa, they might be a dangerous or unsafe (wars, protests, political judges, LGBT hostile) for a visit, or they are banned because of other reasonable circumstances. The countries that are forbidden for me to travel on behalf of the client request are the following: Afghanistan; North-Korea; Syria; Iraq; Mali; Somalia; South Sudan; Yemen. Partially restricted countries: Algeria; Burkina Faso; Cameroon; The ChadDemocratic Republic of Congo; Egypt; El Salvador; Eritrea; Honduras; Ivory Coast; Lebanon; Mauritania; Mexico; Mozambique; Nicaragua; Niger; Nigeria; Pakistan; Palestinian territories; Papua New Guinea; Parts of Ecuador; Parts of India; Philippines; Tajikistan; Ukraine; Venezuela.

Typically people who get banned by me, are the clients who are not keeping my rules. That includes clients, who are not showing up on appointments, not paying my full-service fare, are dangerous, or they are not qualifying to book me for other reasons. Usually, you get banned by violating my terms and rules at least one time. Banned users cannot make a reservation with me. Sometimes there is a possibility to get unbanned, which means that banned clients are required to perform particular actions to get unbanned and qualify to make reservations with me again. Most likely they have to pay the penalty, which is full rate from the last reservation plus the current reservation rate. All the payments must be made in advance. To know what you have to do to get unbanned, please contact me in person and ask corresponding instructions, because each case requires particular actions that can be defined from the reason for the ban. Being banned is a permanent action and lasts forever unless you meet the requirements which are provided to you upon unban request.

No. It is not possible. My service is to offer companionship, not helping people deal with visa problems.

Other (13)

Yes, I do! For me, it is essential to run my business legal. Therefore I pay all acceptable taxes to the government based on my income.

If you added me on WhatsApp, make sure you keep the same path as you do when you contact me on any external websites. Do not go too deep and start with the casual chat. I’m okay with informal conversation as long as we have a business also. So don’t forget business as well! 🙂 My main rules for WhatsApp are: Introduce yourself (if you have not contacted me previously on WhatsApp). The best way to introduce yourself is to tell your name, your age, where are you coming from, where did you found me and so on; Be clear and straight to the point; No endless chat, please; If you want to see more pictures of me, you may have to go to my profile page. I DO NOT share any images and videos in WhatsApp; I do not share any sensitive data (such a copy of my id, passport, etc.); My WhatsApp number is only to use in WhatsApp messenger and not for the regular calls and text messages. If you need that number, you can ask it from me. My WhatsApp number is +49 151 41396103

My “business hours” are usually from Monday to Friday at around 9 o’clock in the morning till 16 o’clock in the afternoon. These times I’m most often available and can give you a faster response as well as review your booking requests. However, every response needs a review and could sometimes take longer time than usual to get an answer. You may use any time my priority contact options to get a faster response. Outside of my “business hours,” I contact you spontaneously. If you have a lack of getting an answer from me for longer than 5 days, you may contact me again. I’m sorry for any inconveniences.

Currently, I am an independent escort and open to working together only with other independent escorts, but not for agents or any third-party escorting agencies. If you are an independent escort and you want to work together, shoot me a message to rihard@yourtwinklover.de, and we can discuss for more.

No. I do not participate in any money transfers. Neither I do not help you with any favor that is not related to my services. Please read carefully my rules that are stated on my regulations page.

I do not have a wishlist. However, you can always surprise me with any gift that is not offensive. I like candies, sweets, flowers. Simple things. If you want to make a more expensive gift, better ask recommendations from me directly.

Nowadays we are often busy and just texting gives more flexibility to choose when I can talk to you. Also, I’m not always in a comfort zone and might be engaged with other activities that give me no possibility to talk with you on the phone. So just sending me a text message is the easiest way to stay in touch. Phone support is an option only in my priority contact form, at the moment.

No. That’s why I have plenty of pictures on my profile as well as in private gallery to show you my naughty and wild side. Plus, I also strive to be more genuine and real by verifying myself in every possible option so that clients can have more trust in me. That could also be a contribution to the safer community experience. I never share pictures on WhatsApp or any other such like an “off-site” communication platform, to protect myself against of getting abused, preventing stealing of intellectual property or preventing any other inappropriate way of use on any other platform than the external website where my pictures are visible.

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If you are interested to work together and offer the maximum quality of service to my clients, you are eligible to work with me with certain conditions. You MUST meet the following conditions in order to work with me: You must respect my pricing policy. Even if that makes a difference from yours, you must respect it; You must have a polite and respectful manner in any our conversation; Your body must be hairless You should not wear vision glasses You must be qualified and trusted escort: either a) paying for subscription, or b) having verified status on your profile You must have at least one public photo on your profile You must be fit and in a good shape Your penis size must be at least L You must speak in English at least at the B1 level You must have an escort profile or ad You’ll be benefited, if: You have good reviews on your profile You have worked in an agency You have experience with working escorts before You have good language speaking skill You are educated and smart You have same hobbies like I do You are a good listener You have an own apartment Your position is TOP (active) If you work with me, you don’t have to pay for my service rate and for clients they don’t have to pay for the extra person rate based on my rate policy.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me – rihard@yourtwinklover.de or you can send me a quick message right on the bottom of the site from the section “Quick contact.” You’re also welcome to contact me on any external websites where my ads are visible.

I’m sorry, I don’t give away my Instagram, Facebook or any other social account to clients. It is because of my privacy. I want to keep my personal life separately towards the escorting.

But you can follow me on Twitter! @yourtwinklover

If you subscribe to my newsletters, you will receive special announcements, promotions and so on from me about twice a month. Subscribing to my newsletters is a great way to stay in touch what is essential. You can any time to unsubscribe from them if you click on a particular link in my email that contains campaign. To subscribe to my emails, you can just enter your email on the bottom of the page, and you’ll be added to my subscriber’s list.

You can unsubscribe from my newsletters at any time. It can be quickly done if you just send me an email to rihard@yourtwinklover.de or you click on the link at the bottom of the email. However, please note that if you unsubscribe from my newsletters, you will not be able to get your registration approved, or in reverse – if your account is active and you unsubscribe from my newsletters, it’s a sign that you are not interested in me anymore, so I suspend your membership on my site. By default, all new registrations will subscribe with my newsletters, even if their account is inactive.

Pricing (14)

I accept only cash and PayPal payments at the moment.

Billing (credit card statement) says “RIHARDPRIVATE” or “RIHARD PRIVATE” when you make an online payment via PayPal.

If you are violating my rules or not paying for my services (I hope you won’t do that), you will be facing in some actions that are starting to occur. First, I’ll give you a warning. I ask you to keep my rules to continue with the service. That can usually happen in a very nice way. But if you are avoiding my first warning, I’ll become very direct and strict with you, giving my second and last warning, by asking from you immediately to stop any violations. If it’s the payment phase, I’ll ask you to proceed with the payment directly. After ignoring my first warning, you get also banned for future bookings. After you continue to ignore my second warning, legal actions will start to perform. During the final phase, I stop the service immediately and asking for the payment. If you are not paying to me, I will call the police and reclaim your cash. In case of attack, I use self-protection. The general authority will take further actions after the police, and you will be warned by me to my partners and escorts as a fraud client. Please note, that registered escorts have the same legal rights for distribution as any registered business and company that provides legal services.

My rates are 20% higher during the weekend and holidays because I’m trying to keep the weekend free for friends and family. Weekends are mostly my spare time when I want to be more focussed what is essential to me – my time, hobbies and relatives. Therefore I want to keep weekends not tempted for clients to book. However, if they pay for the time and agree with the higher rates, they are still free to do so. I take bookings for the weekend usually until Friday or the day before holidays.

Yes! Any clients who are booking me for a more extended period doesn’t have to pay the same rate as they have to pay regularly for one night. The discounts will be applied if you book me for more than three nights. Ask the special price directly from me.

No. If you book more than one overnight with me, you will have the following day with me for free. So for example, if you book two overnights from Friday to Sunday, you will have half of the Friday, whole Saturday and half of the Sunday with me without any daily price! So all you have to pay is my overnight rate.

I’m priceless (that means you cannot buy me). However, you can rent me for the hourly and daily bases. My hourly rate is 120 euros up to 140 euros per hour and overnight starting from 400 euros up to 600 euros, depending on a weekday. Then more you book me, then cheaper is overnight, for example. Please note, that my hourly and overnight rate does not include extras (such as transportation fees to you, food and other extras). To get a personal offer from me, I recommend you to send me an email with the pricing inquiry – rihard@yourtwinklover.de. You can also find more about my rates on my rates page.

Usually not, if it’s not reasonable. The only discount I offer to clients if they book me for the long term business trip, starting from 4 days up to a month. There are no discounts for hourly base appointments.

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I try to keep overnights lower than other escorts so that clients can invite me for the trips that can last longer. In that way, they would have the interest to pay more. Also, I want to keep the price reasonable and affordable, understanding that the expenses that clients are doing for the hotel, food, and transportation, can be sometimes much more expensive than worth to book me for just one or two nights.

No. I do not offer a separate price for a particular service. My hourly rate is a fixed rate for all activities.

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Everyone knows the phrase that time is money and the time I travel to you and back is a great value of time which I could use to book other clients. Therefore, most escorts they charge for the time to get to the client and back to home. The amount of my outcall service is fixed and payable only once per reservation. It is important to remember that if there is any chargeable transportation expense that needed for me to pay to get to you, it will be passed on to you. Any transportation extras are not included in my outcall service fee and expected to reimburse immediately. Paying for my time to come to you and back is also a token of appreciation of the time that I spend to come to a client.

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If you’re a student and you cannot afford my rate for reasonable circumstances, I can see if it’s possible to offer you a discount rate. But you always have to remember that clients who are paying my regular, full-price, are still my priority and any discounted rates are only applied if I have no other bookings. For more information, you can directly to contact me.

No. My minimum time is 1hr for all incall and outcall services inside the EU (outside EU my minimum stay must be at least 3 days and no less). See the terms on my services page. If you want to stay less, you have to pay the full rate still.

No. If you don’t pee or throw up on my sheets or floor, all laundry and other hospitality costs are passed on to me.

Services (12)

I do usually have condoms, massage oil, and lube provided by me if it’s not specified otherwise. You’re welcome to use your oils and stuff but make sure they are safe and not outdated.

There are no limits. Overnight does include precisely the services I do offer and does not include the services which I do not provide. A client must use my services reasonable, accordingly with the principles which are followed by the rules. Clients who are booking me for the overnight will acknowledge that they schedule my time and company, not my privacy. I may still ask you for some time to be by myself, chat with my friends, or do some online stuff If needed. You have no rights to restrict or deny my private time. 

No. Considering that I am a human like every other person, you have no rights to treat me like a “product.” Use my services if you want, but if I notice that you intend to misuse my services (for instance, an unstoppable intimate session in demand), I will discontinue the service right away.

Yes, I do. But don’t expect fancy restaurant food and expensive drinks.

Outcall means that I come to a customer to perform a requested service. Whether it is by foot, with a bus, tram or with a plane, this means outcall services – any services which I will perform outside my apartment room (for example, if you’re my neighbor and you ask me to come to your place, it is already an outcall based service).

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Incall service is the type of service offered in my home or apartment. With the incall appointments, the client has to travel to my house or apartment to get the requested service.

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If you stay overnight with me, I’ll take care that you get clean and fresh cleans upon your arrival. If you come for the hourly base appointment, the sheets are decent but not straight from the laundry as there is no point to change the layer for every single client who has the hourly booking as long as the sheets are looking clean. If you need to have the shower, then the clean towels are always provided to you.


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No, I do not offer that service.

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Normal kissing with lips is included in my services. French kissing is available at extra cost.

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I am very open-minded – otherwise, I would not offer escort service – although there is no such thing like a „service portfolio.“ As you might know, many things depend on mutual affection and chemistry. Should you indeed have any special requests, please let me know?

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Threesome with the client is possible only if another escort is a friend of mine or he is another client. A client provided and requested escort to have threesome is not possible with me.

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Websites & Ads (10)

Discretion is important to me. I want to make sure that private pictures that include sexual material can be visible only to real clients who intend to book me. My private pictures purpose is not to entertain people with pornography, instead engage more potential clients and give them an accurate overview of what they get if they book me.

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It happens most likely in the situation when clients are not writing me a personal message. RentMen.com website allows at the moment to send the companions a default message as a request to open the private album. Because I am giving allowance to see my naked part of body only real and serious clients, I reject only people who are not sending me a personal quote and not giving me a proper reason to see the private album. In such situations, I treat all the default requests as spam and reject them immediately.

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It means that my rates are very various, depending on many factors, I don’t have “one fixed price”. In most cases, my rates are quoted based on expenses I do for client (such as travel costs, and so on), on the time and a weekday of reservation, duration and length of appointment, and all other such kind of factors that can affect to the final amount of money for my services.

I try as much as possible to process any verification process on sites where it is available and use watermarks on my pictures to build trust between the client and me and to perceive to be more genuine. So that way you can feel calm that the images are actually mine and do not belong to anyone else. I’m sorry but I do not do any verification to clients separately.

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I’m sorry if you’re issuing with some problems on my website or any of the web pages where my ad is visible. I’m always trying to do all that I can to avoid such issues. However, not all these websites are under my control. So, if you found that something doesn’t work the way it should, the site or service support agent is the next person you should contact with such issues unless the website is managed by me (like this website yourtwinklover.de).

Well everyone knows that part of the escort business is to travel a lot and make some money! And some users are still confused seeing escorts in a “wrong” city. Let me explain it to you: Those users (including me), are traveling around the world and meantime they collect new reservations so when they come to the city, they can meet those who have made reservation meanwhile. 

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On some pages, I ask you to log on or create a login ID to see the member-only content. That’s because some areas are on my site a sensitive and may be too private to me, designated only to my clients or to real users who are interesting in me to know more. If you don’t have a login ID yet, you can simply register your login ID with your email for free (no data needed other than just your email address and name or nickname). After the registration, your email is pending approval by me. Once it is approved, you’ll receive a password to your email which you need use to log on in my site. You may want to keep the email with your password because you cannot change system-generated password individually for later. So if you lost your password, contact me – rihard@yourtwinklover.de from the email you registered, and I’ll create a new password for you. 

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The yellow badge on the right top corner of the website means, that my photos on this site have been verified by the site team who has approved my photos (holding me the paper of the date and name of escortbook.com with the most recent photo). They have approved that my pictures on this site are relevant to the images that can be found on my gallery and this site in general. They have also approved my national ID, which has my date of birth and picture on it. In that way, you can see that I’m trustworthy and precisely the person behind as on pictures.

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There are a few things you might need to consider first, before requesting access to see my private pictures that contain sensitive and might include as well erotic, pornographic and other such kinds of materials. First, consider if you are really going (or at least intending) to book me. I seriously don’t want to entertain people who are not with the serious intentions to book an escort. If you consider to book me, do the following: On RentMen.com website, send me a personalized message that is NOT a default message. The bad example that the site gives you by default is sending me a message like: “Hi, I am interested in your profile. Please unlock your private gallery for me. Thanks!” – Don’t do that! Instead, clear the lines and write on your request message like: “Hey Rihard, you are a beautiful guy. I am interested in booking me. But I need to be sure that you are the guy I 100% want to”; Contact me directly on the website where my ad is visible and tell me bit more about you; Send me an email to rihard@yourtwinklover.de and ask access to the pictures on any external site (including hunqz.com, rentmen.com and so on). The key here is to be more severe and genuine about bookings. You have to acknowledge that you are not on a porn site, you are looking for professionals to book.

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To sign up on my site is easy and can be done fast. To do so, you need to go on a page where you can see restricted content. Then you click on the link “Members only. Click here to login.” just like you are trying to log on. After you do it, you will see a pop-up window with the login screen. There is a link on the login screen that helps you to get to the sign-up form where you need to enter your email and name. After you are done with this, press on button “Signup.” You will receive a password to your email once your registration is approved. Please note that all approvals a reviewed by me before your account will become active and you can sign in. Without a password that will be sent to your email, you cannot log on to my site.

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