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Booking insurance

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Protect your money now, and enjoy a risk-free booking experience. You'll get up to 100% money back if there will be any issues. Choose which option suits you best.

To see if your reservation is eligible to apply for the insurance, click to the manage reservation link (sent to you by email during the booking confirmation).

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Everything you need to secure your booking and its payment.

  • You get back 50% of the prepayment for the first night when your my travel or your travel delay exceeds half of the first overnight (valid as for transportation by train, bus, ferry as well as for car);
  • You get back 100% of the prepayment for the first night if your trip or my trip is canceled and you or me arriving the next day (valid as for transportation by train, bus, ferry as well as for car);
  • You do not pay anything extra if I am together with you on a trip and there will be no possibility to return back to home due to the reason or reasons that are not affected by us (such as government-established border restrictions, travel bans, transportation cancellations, climate catastrophes, etc.) and requires to overstaying the time. If there will be no other alternatives to get home, you do not have have to pay for the extra time that we are together;
  • You can keep your discounts, rewards, and special promotions in the event of postponing your reservation maximum for two times or for cancellation maximum for one time.

Only for 100€ (one-time payment, paid per booking. free for my Gold clients)

  • Normally you get no refund for the first night when my flight delay exceeds half of the overnight because it's not either my fault, but I have reserved the time for you while other clients were not able to book me.
  • Normally you get back 50% of the prepayment for the first night if my flight is canceled, and it arrives the next day because you have already booked my time that I have used to come to you: Note that flight cancellations are not my fault (unless my failure causes them). But you can get back half to make business fair both for us if you don't have insurance.
  • Normally you must pay for my time even if there will be no possibilities to get back home due to the situation that is not under our control. Understanding that it takes away my valuable time, I charge for that, according to the current day rate or reservation term.
  • Normally any discounts offered personally to the client will lose its validity on any discounted booking changes and cancellations made by the client (my general rules and terms).
  • Normally you get no refund if you cancel your appointment after cancellation deadline (which in longer bookings starting from 48 hours before reservation).
  • Normally you get no money back from the trip costs if you cancel your trip. You can seek help from an airline company if you need a refund.
  • Normally you get back nothing from your first night, and for the rest of the booking, you pay half of the cost if for any reason I am not as you expected. Plus you get no refund for your flight tickets, and if applicable, you also pay for my travel time.
Terms & Conditions
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