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All my physical services are suspended. Click here to read more
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Stayhome Rihard


While escort services are not possible and any physical meetings are suspended (as described in my news article), I provide private cam shows as well as paid phone talks at a fixed cost: the pricing and description you can find below.

Have a private cam show or talk over phone all your fantasies – 100% confidential

Schedule cam show

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With this service, I can make you a strip show, tease you, get dressed the way you want, show you my sexy body, and perform particular activities upon request.

Price for cam show: 3.90 per minute (VAT 19% included)

Schedule phone call

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With this service, you can talk about your fantasies or have a dirty talk over the phone.

Price for the phone call: 1.20 per minute* (VAT 19% included)

My online servicesFlirt4Free online services with other boys
Privat cam show3.90 € per minute (save 22%!)starting from 5 € (40 credits) per minute
Phone call1.20 € per minute* (save 48%!)starting from 2.50 € (20 credits) per minute
Minimum purchaseno minimum purchase, pay as you gominimum purchase 90 credits = 12€ (including VAT)
CommissionYou pay less, but all support goes to me.
It helps me to be more motivated
You pay more, but boys can get only 27%.
73% of what you pay goes to Flirt4Free
My online services vs. Flirt4Free online services.

Ready? To schedule the private show or phone call, please contact rihard@yourtwinklover.de

*If you make an international call from your mobile carrier, they may charge you extra according to their pricing policy. To avoid or reduce such costs, I would recommend using WhatsApp or other technology. Note that any such costs and fees are NOT included in my pricing per minute rate, and I am NOT responsible for any such fees or technical errors encountered by your internet or carrier provider.

Terms and Conditions

  • All prices are in Euros
  • Illegal activity over phone or webcam is not permitted
  • These services are not permitted to minors under 18 years old
  • These services do not include physical meetings
  • Payments are not refundable
  • Screen and voice recordings without permission are not allowed
  • Any acts and supplements over the webcam show is based on availability and possibility and details must be confirmed in our communication.

If you need assistance, use the same email above. I’ll get back to you shortly. All other inquiries will be handled up to one week.

What else you can do?

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