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Rotterdam will be my first travel destination in 2020!

EBU has announced the host city of Eurovision Song Contest, which simply means that I have come up to a decision where I travel first under my travel plans in 2020! Every year the host city of Eurovision Song Contest will perform the first position in my travel list order.

Because I am a big fan of Eurovision Song Contest and potentially it brings a good revenue, based on the audience of the event, it became a tradition that every year the first travel destination is the host city of the Eurovision Song Contest. EBU has finally announced on August 30th that the host city of Eurovision 2020 is Rotterdam in the Netherlands. So that means that in 2020 my first travel country is the Netherlands and the city is Rotterdam.

I will be in Rotterdam from May 11th till 18th – the whole Eurovision week when venues are happening (semi-finals and grand finals). Of course, I plan itself to attend all the shows. My preparations for the first travel destination has started already and we see you in Rotterdam.

The first destination is official, rest of them are coming up later in this year

This year is the historical moment since I announce typically my travel plans (including my first travel destination) in December-January when the new year is about to start. As this year the first official destination historically announces a few months before the official announcement. The rest of the cities are still under consideration and will be announced later in this year or beginning in 2020.

I start to take advance bookings for my first travel plans on April 1, the rest of the destinations I take advance bookings maximum month before the expected arrivals. As previous years shows, the advance booking is greatly appreciated, as I get booked usually fast and to book me spontaneously can sometimes leave you under the chance.

You can see all my travel plans and upcoming travels on my availability page as well as on my main page. See you in Rotterdam and congratulations on becoming a host city of Eurovision Song Contest 2020!

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