Rules & Limits

Traveling to client

Clients who want to book me for the OUTCALL private trip must pay my trip costs (for example, plane tickets or any transportation tickets). You must ensure that I can get to your location without any hassle (for example, by car). And you must ensure that the same way it works if I go back to the airport or train/bus station on the way to home. You must guarantee that I have a place to stay and sleep if it comes that I stay in your city at night. Usually, when clients book me they sleep with me, but that's just information, it's up to you what you prefer. I don't charge more than less what I expect. As long as we are together, you must also carry my food expenses and any extras (transportation, etc.) A client requested private outcall trip reservations are confirmed once the customer pays the corresponding trips. If travel time in any other transportation than the airplane lasts more than 3 hours, the client has to choose airline service or pay for the travel time according to my rate agreement (50 euros per hour, starting after the 3rd hour).

Payment, cancellation and refund

If the client has booked more than 1 hr or 1 overnight and he is canceling the whole reservation, the first hour or overnight must be paid to me 100% of the cost of the service from the first hour or overnight. A full refund is available only for those reservations which have a cancellation by me. If you think you were not satisfied with the seeing result prior at the start of our appointment, you can cancel and get back 50% of the money BEFORE the service starts or you don't have to pay anything if I'm not busy on that day. If you pay by cash, please ensure that you're able to pay half of the amount by cash. If service has already occurred, the reservation marked as a completed and the client has to make a full payment, and no refund is available. Please note that any acceptable discounts from online payments are NOT VALID for cancellations, so you get a refund based on full price (not discounted price) in case of cancellations made by you. For example, if you had a bill 100 euros with the discount 10% and you paid 90 euros via PayPal in advance, you will get back according to the cancellation policy a 40 euros. Clients don't have to pay me in advance usually; however, I can any time to ask money in advance on the spot if I feel suspicious.

Security and safety ​

I have rights to cancel the reservation any time without warnings if I found during or before our appointment that client is not keeping my rules, he is not respectful or not behaving well. For such situations with I ask immediately to terminate the service and get paid for the remaining time. In the case of client attacks or any dangerous situation, I may call cops or use self-protection. Please be adequate when we meet. Due to security reasons, I do not meet drunk and aggressive clients. If I come to your hotel or apartment, please make sure that it is accessible without interruptions and it is safe.

My own trips

The services, when I'm going outside of Germany on my own, are subject to offer only at my place (apartment or hotel). If the client needs to get services in his home, there is an extra fee of EUR 50 for transportation and time which is expected to pay me in cash after the service. The option is only available if the client is within 20km from my current location. Otherwise, the possibility is not open. If the client books me equally or more than for 3 hrs, the traveling to client place is at no extra cost.

Reservation policy

To ensure that everything is going smoothly, you need to provide me with your phone number that can work. You receive a text message to the phone number you provided me upon booking. There are details about my apartment or hotel location. I never reveal my apartment or hotel location on any website, including the escort websites. If the client has a NON-PREPAID INCALL reservation and he is not canceling the appointment at least 24 hours before our date, the reservation is subject for cancellation according to the cancellation policy (see below) and marked as a FRAUD. If the client did not cancel his reservation and he does not show up within 30 minutes after the start of the appointment, I have rights to take other clients and on behalf of the client to cancel his reservation without notification. The cancellation time for the regular HOURLY-BASED appointment is 24 hours, for OVERNIGHT STAY is 48 hours in advance. Please be always on time. If you are late, please let me know. I start to charge for my hourly base a time when the reservation begins. All my reservations are time-based. The time is not reversible for incall hourly-based service when the client is late in our appointment. The time is reversible only if I am late for the date. If the client has an hourly-based appointment and he arrives earlier for incall service, or I arrive earlier for outcall service, the time starts when we meet and greet. If the client has confirmed our date and he is not showing up, he will get banned to make reservations again. Furthermore, to book me again, they have to arrange payment for their banned reservation(s). Besides, all the payments from the banned clients are expected to make in ADVANCE from now to get their reservations confirmed. Also, they have to pay the late fee of 1% per each day from the initial fraudulent reservation date.


I am very open minded – otherwise, I would not offer escort service – although there is no such thing like a „service portfolio“. As you might know, many things depend on mutual affection and chemistry. Should you indeed have any special requests, please let me know.

Any sexual activity must always be with a condom and safe. Safe sex means anal sex always with the condom and no cum on face or mouth (that also includes a precum - sperm ejection during a blowjob). Please note, that German law requires from all the clients during the sex use the condom: "A condom must be used during all sex acts – oral, anal, and vaginal. Prostitutes have the right to refuse sex acts without a condom. Prostitution establishments must put up a notice referring to the obligation to use a condom. Clients who do not use a condom may be fined. Operators and prostitutes may not promote unprotected sex" (Kondompflicht act). Any harmful activities are not allowed. Sexual activity should not be the purpose, as you book my time and companionship. I do offer my outcall services only at the physical apartment (not in the truck, car, public toilet, park or any of these kinds of places). Outcall service can be at your home, hotel or any rental apartment. If you come to my house, please be respectful and treat it the way you treat your home. Do not touch my personal items without my permission, except supplements such as oil and items that I provide you. Remove always shoes.

I do not participate in any unlawful activities which prohibited in the country where I offer my services. All our actions must be legal and obey the local laws. No drugs are allowed during my companionship. You are in charge that from the beginning to the end all our activities are running legal.


Advanced booking is greatly appreciated and highly recommended. To fully enjoy a meeting, you must be freshly showered, well-groomed, smell nice, and have minty-fresh breath.

Please be respectful and always be a gentleman. Your kindness, generosity, and chivalry will be appreciated and rewarded.

Please do not over stay our date. If you would like to extend our time, please ask me if I have additional time available and provide additional donation for the time you would like to spend.

No gratuities are ever expected, but for if you would like to surprise me with a gift then please feel free to ask or get inspiration from my wish list.

The donations are for my time and companionship only and they are not negotiable.

BY BOOKING ME ON ANY CHANNEL OR IN ANY SOURCE, YOU WILL AGREE WITH THE THE TERMS THAT STATED ON THIS PAGE. THESE TERMS WILL TAKE EFFECT IMMEDIATELY AFTER SENDING ME A BOOKING REQUEST (that includes via "Book me!" form on top of the page as well). These rules on this page updated on April 5, 2019. I have the rights to change them regularly, without giving an advance notification. Clients who are not keeping my rules and violating my terms are not able to book me furthermore. Such bans are permanent and not removable.

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