What happens if I get banned to make a reservation?

Typically people who get banned by me, are the clients who are not keeping my rules. That includes clients, who are not showing up on appointments, not paying my full-service fare, are dangerous, or they are not qualifying to book me for other reasons. Usually, you get banned by violating my terms and rules at least one time. Banned users cannot make a reservation with me. Sometimes there is a possibility to get unbanned, which means that banned clients are required to perform particular actions to get unbanned and qualify to make reservations with me again. Most likely they have to pay the penalty, which is full rate from the last reservation plus the current reservation rate. All the payments must be made in advance. To know what you have to do to get unbanned, please contact me in person and ask corresponding instructions, because each case requires particular actions that can be defined from the reason for the ban. Being banned is a permanent action and lasts forever unless you meet the requirements which are provided to you upon unban request.

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