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If you keep the simple timing rule and you behave like a normal guy, you will have the best and stress-free time with me, as you have with other escorts. And you can always to book me again without any interruptions. 🙂

Keep elementary timing rules

First, please remember, that you book my valuable time. Please respect it by showing up when we have an appointment scheduled. Please provide me your phone number and other initials, if necessary. If you can't come, you have to let me know as soon as possible. You should respect my business as much as you respect yourself and your valuable time.

Why I have "so many" rules?

My rules are created to protect my business as well as save the clients time. I have probably more rules than average escort has, but not because to harass or bully my clients, instead make everything clear and transparent to know what to expect. I love what I do, and I want to keep that vibe. For me, it is the key to offer the best service. I want to cut off things that disturb me and enjoy things that are not disturbing, and I respect the time that people invest in me, so I don't want to meet people who are expecting from me to do things that I do not enjoy.

Treat me the way like you want to be treated

Be kind and polite to me. If you look somebody to be angry, rude or throw tantrums with, please do not book me. I may be a very nice guy for you, but if you don't treat me well, I'll be the worst companion ever. Also, as a legal escort in your country, I have rights to dispute your activity and get protection from the government in case of an emergency.

Security deposits

I may ask from you a security deposit at any time to avoid the situation that the client is "running away," especially with long term bookings more than one overnight. It is my right and decision if I want to get paid partially or fully in advance during our appointment.

Discretion and Confidentiality

As much as every business owner wants to protect their business, the same way works with me. Because of your booked time, I might need to reject other potential client appointments. That also means a potential financial loss in case you want to change your mind. That's why I recommend you to read before my profile and rules very carefully and ask for more information about my services in case of any hesitations. You will be asked to confirm your appointment so that you would have later no complaints about activity on your behalf. I don't want being kept busy and booked by the time wasters and scammers, who are not real clients. That's why I might sometimes do "screening," means, asking particular contact information and specific confirmation actions. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but this is the only way to put off frauds. Your personal information and data will be handled with absolute discretion and according to the laws of data protection and will not pass on to any third parties.

It is essential that you keep me informed of all changes, including cancellations. As much as I try to do everything on my side to avoid potential issues, I cannot always understand which client is serious and which one is just spamming me. So if you do let me know about that too late (or don't do it at all) or you are not showing up at all, you may pay me half of the amount to cover the loss from potential business, or otherwise, you may get banned making any other reservations furthermore. Extra charges and penalties may apply for you from any fraudulent activities.

Likewise, other business, we escorts, are not worth of cheating and being ditched by others. Each day and each hour can sometimes be essential to us.

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