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My first public travel destination in 2023 for client bookings is Cologne!

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My first travel destination in 2023 was announced: Cologne, Germany! Cologne, or Köln in German language, is one of my favourite cities in Europe, and most favourite city in Germany. I used to travel there every year, at least once. But last year, in 2022, I visited it two times.

While my 2023 travel plans are not fully confirmed, there will be some cities and countries which I plan to visit. The full list of my travel destinations which are publicly available and bookable for clients, I confirm and will announce around February-March 2023. Since I have a client trip to the USA almost for the full of February, and then following my extended one-week holiday, the travel plans for the following year may be delayed and not announced in January or February, as I do every year due to the fact that I arrive back to Germany at the beginning of March. However, any updates for my travel plans, as soon as they become available, will be announced on my website and on social media/marketing channels.

The cities that I plan to in 2023 visit are the following: Reykjavik (Island), Oslo (Norway), Hamburg (Germany), Warsaw (Poland), Prag (Czech Republic), Milano (Italy), Stuttgart (Germany), Monte Carlo (Monaco), and Barcelona (Spain).

I have already visited some cities listed above, and some of them are on my travel list anyways, so I am thrilled to visit them for the first time in my life, and I invite my clients to be part of this experience!

So far, in 2023 January, I had the trip with one of my best clients to the Austria-Italy-Switzerland alps as part of our new year traditional trip to the south. Last year I visited total of 10 countries (in private and with clients): Switzerland, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States, the Bahamas, Spain, and Belgium. I visited the cities like St.Moritz and Matternhorn (Switzerland), Helsinki (Finland), many great and minor cities in Estonia, Riga (Latvia), Stockholm (Sweden), Manchester and Blackpool (United Kingdom), New York City (United States), Nassau (Bahamas), Tenerife (Spain), and Brussels (Belgium). Along with foreign countries, I visited also many places in Germany, like Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf and Cologne. It was fantastic year with full of trips, and I am looking forward to make the new in 2023!

I plan to visit Cologne this year more often (at least once a month instead of once a year), combined with other trips and separately.

The remaining list of the trips in 2023 after the Cologne trip will be followed in my next updates!

Did you know? If you have your favorite city where you want me to travel, or if you want to get the chance that I visit your city, then you can always add it to Wishlist on my dedicated Wishlist page!

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