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Weekly Recap: April 24 – May 1

I am covering my fourth week of suspension: One month since suspending physical services, preparations for my upcoming birthday, and clients sneaking in my dating profiles. This is my weekly recap, from April 24th to May 1st.

Stayhome Rihard
Stayhome Rihard

A first month after suspending physical services

Quick month in suspension: It is already one month since I suspended my physical services. The first month of suspension went quickly. A lot of things since then have going on in my side. I have focussed more on my online services but also looked around what my other colleagues in the sex industry, are doing. With all that happened in my business during the service suspension, you can now read in my previous weekly recaps.

Even that I have lived without an escort job only one month, it seems already for me like forever.

Life is different: Sometimes people have asked me, do I miss meeting clients and my escort job? The answer is yes. Even that I have lived without an escort job only one month, it seems already for me like forever. Back before pandemic and service suspension, I was quite busy in doing that job. I had clients every week and in busier times, even every day. But now the situation for me is so unusual that I would not even imagine how I would get back in that normality. Would it feel the same after suspension? It is difficult to speculate about it now, but I can only wonder. The feeling after a month of suspension is a lot different. Even that I’m trying to keep myself busy, I cannot bring back these moments that I have experienced back before the suspension. The time being without an escort job should feel so obvious and natural. Still, for me, it is something different and unique, even the fact that the job is not something spectacular for many of you.

Another survival month

Duties and activities while not escorting: Life is getting busier than expected. The fact that I temporarily stopped working as an escort month ago does not give me now a lot of free time. Yes, I indeed have a little more time, but it does not make me completely free of my daily duties and activities. You may wonder what I do so much during the period when my escort services are paused?

As I have mentioned in my previous weekly recaps, I am now doing more activities that I usually don’t have much time. When I’m used to hiring a cleaning service to clean up my big apartment, then now, for instance, it is my duty. Because in my situation, it is best to cut off as much as possible to make any unnecessary expenses. Plus, since I have more time, I can use it wisely. At the same time, do other things, such as cooking or doing practicing the activities I always did alone such as laundry and cooking food. But in fact, cooking food is also now a more centered activity in my life than before. Healthy home-cooked meals help me not only to stay healthy but also to get ready for the excellent body shape before I meet my clients again. I do have right now good shape, but I always see the ways I can improve it even more.

Hope to get financial support: This week, I also managed to sent documents to Job Center in Berlin. Thanks to my client, who helped me with this process. The first month after suspending my escort job did not come easy. However, it could be even worse if I would not receive support from my clients, parents, and friends. So I am so thankful for them who helped me to survive. Now the question is, how will it be in the next month? The months when we cannot do what we used to, and businesses cannot function normally, are hard for those, especially who are affected in this. The crisis came not as expected. Clients have told me that a busy life in business or at work gets a bit calm, and they received not so much or either not so big projects as before.

I keep the hope that May will be a little better. That I would finally manage to find also a temporary job. Or the support from the government as all the papers have been sent to the respective authorities. It may not be the time to celebrate, but definitely, time to take steps carefully and plan things ahead.

When my escort suspension will ease down?

Risks that can result in bringing back escort services: Even the fact that not only Germany, but many countries are looking to ease down the strict restrictions. Some are already done this in different ways. The ease down or lift suspension from my escort services will not be expected anytime soon. The main reason is that the escort job is a high risk not only to sexual health but also high risk to transmit the COVID-19. The question when my escort services will be available again is right now difficult to predict. It depends on the government’s influence of easing down restrictions as well as the development of finding proper vaccination for the virus.

Speculations about escort job after the crisis: I keep monitoring the situation of the local development of escalating the crisis and following the timeline of business re-openings. In the end, even if life gets back to normal, the decision will be entirely up to me, when I lift the suspension from my escort services. Probably it will happen when brothels and clubs are re-open again. And even after that, my services are going to be available in a minimal way. It is also difficult to speculate how my business will look like after the crisis. Do I have many clients again? How do they look at our job after the crisis? How they would book me and how many clients I will have? What precautions I will take in further?

Expectations and estimations after the crisis: Now, even during the crisis, I would say that I still have no lack of booking requests from clients. Also that I have mentioned everywhere I am not currently offering my physical services, I am still getting offers. Back before the crisis, I had about 70% of my clients from abroad. So as long as people will have restrictions and limited possibilities to travel, the estimated difference after crisis would be for the first months around 30-70% less than usual. Therefore most likely, my services in the first month after my escort services are back will be available only for my select clients. And after the tourism indicators are getting stable, my services will be again available for everyone.

Conditions that must have met: So the main three conditions must be filled in full or partially: Travel bans must be lifted, borders must be re-opened. And clubs, escort agencies, and brothels must be re-opened. If these conditions are fulfilled at least partly, the expectance of my business re-opening will be most likely expected.

Preparation week for my upcoming birthday and what that does mean for my clients

My upcoming birthday: My birthday is coming up on May 5th. This year it comes differently. My initial plan to go on my birthday holiday trip to Estonia was canceled a month ago. It usually is my tradition to celebrate essential holidays for me in my country, where I born and raised up. My birthday is not the only date in my calendar, but it means me a lot. Most of my life, I have been related to my country. There my parents are living, there I graduated from school, there I had my first relationship, and there I found my first friends. But among that, I had had many good memories back when I lived in Estonia. Since it is not possible to travel to Estonia due to the current situation, my birthday will be this year, sadly in Berlin. So the fourth week has gone off thinking about how I do celebrate my birthday here, and how can I benefit my clients for this particular month in my life.

Plan for particular clients to celebrate: Just like last year during my birthday, I announced this year some discounts and rewards too. Still, they are different than in the previous year. For instance, this year, I will not announce special client discounts for my escorts services, as it is not possible to offer physical services at this moment. Instead, I declare a discount of 50% for all my new OnlyFans subscribers only during the birthday week from May 4th – May 10th. Also, during May, all my existing subscribers who were subscribed before May 4th can get the same discount (50%) for their next renewal. Also, I offer such discounts for my birthday week to my other online services (Webcam shows and Flirt phone calls). For my particular clients on Frequent and higher level, I still offer meetings as a friend, and they can celebrate my birthday with the following:

  • Gold clients can meet me as a friend from May 6th (following day after my birthday);
  • Silver clients can meet me as a friend from May 7th (two days after my birthday);
  • And Frequent clients can meet me as a friend from May 8th (three days after my birthday).

Limited availability: The way how my select clients can arrange the appointment is in the principle of those who are faster are first. My availability is limited and quicker clients have more options. Also, dates are not guaranteed and only based on my availability. Regular clients cannot meet me at this time during the service suspension, not even as a friend. Since my birthday is a holy day for me when I’m more focussed on my family and relations in Estonia, May 4th and May 5th will be entirely reserved for me. Mainly because I cannot meet my loved ones in person. No one can date me on these days. Meeting before May 4th is possible for all my select clients as before, but still, as friends. It is essential to keep in mind that it is not possible to meet me during the suspension as an escort boy.

Logo Bday Rihard 4096 X 4096
My new birthday logo is now ready

Birthday logo: I have designed a distinctive escort logo for my birthday week. During my birthday week on May 4th – May 10th, I replace the grey, gloomy escort logo that states suspension, with a more bright and colorful logo on all my sites. I will remember the special week of my life, and I am so excited about that!

A week in my online services

A modest week: The week in my online services has passed modestly. I have not uploaded this week a new content yet on my OnlyFans. But I will post them this coming weekend.

New fundraising plan: Instead, the week in my online services has passed mostly announcing a new poll and fundraising for the next coming month. On my OnlyFans account, I declared today a fundraising project, where I ask my fans to make a little extra contribution. Fundraising in this project is voluntary, and everyone who is donating on it can support me during the crisis.

Reaching the goal: The current goal in my fundraising project is $160, which goes to my living needs, such as food, bills, and rent. If I reach my fundraising goal by the end of the month, I will post an additional video in the following month (in June). The new fundraising project will be announced from now on every month on the first day, and the goal amount will be determined based on my subscribers count. The exact number of subscribers I will not announce, as it is not necessary. It is enough necessary to know that if each of my fans is contributing to it as low as $8, the goal will be reached its milestone.

The same way how it works this month, it will also work in the following months. For instance, each month, when I reach the goal, the monthly strike will add one extra video for the following month. Until it can be possible to achieve a daily video in one week! I will also keep you updated on my weekly recaps about the process and development of my fundraising project.

New poll: A week ago, I launched a poll for my OnlyFans subscribers, by asking about the fetishes, turn-ons, and fantasies. The purpose of that poll was to help to produce more content personalized and tailored to my fans. There was a total of 12 votes, and most of my fans answered that they like to be more master, with the 4 votes. Below is the screenshot of the poll results.

Screenshot 2020 05 01 At 22.09.44
Screenshot 2020 05 01 At 22.09.44

More polls: Yesterday, I announced another poll, asking from my fans about their fetishes and turn-ons regarding outfit. The poll is now open, and if you are subscribed, you can vote until next Thursday (until May 7th). The results for that poll I reveal in my next weekly recap on May 8th.

More exciting content is coming up: In the coming week, I plan to keep my OnlyFans account busy, with posting some more content. It turned out that fans seem to be interesting for me to play with the toys, such as dildos and so on. I don’t have any of those toys with me in Berlin, so I plan to buy some. I generally don’t like sex toys because they are fake and does not please me the way that real sexual partner does. But as long as it is the wish from my fans, I’ll try and see how it works out. The timeline of when I can post such content, I cannot give right now, as it depends on how fast I receive a delivery. But what I can say that I have ordered them already and they are on the way.

Also, other great news is that I am planning again to film content of having fun with someone. In my last week recap, I mentioned that there were fans who were concerned that lately, I have not posted such content. As I have always take seriously all requests received from my subscribers, I have put it under consideration. Just like I mentioned in my recap week ago, understanding the current situation, it is difficult to find an appropriate partner for that. The restrictions set by the government and people cautious of getting the disease to have a significant impact also on my content. Therefore I can post what I can, and so far, most of my photos and videos were produced and filmed alone.

Now, a break from the news

Photo 29.04.20, 17 44 02
First thunderstorm I have seen in Berlin this year. Photo: 29.04.20 at 17:44:02

Getting new haircut: It may sound comic during the crisis, but in the upcoming week, I will get for my birthday, finally a new haircut! To be detailed, I haven’t got a haircut now for at least 3 months. And since Germany has eased down the restrictions to slowly re-open businesses, the haircut saloons will be finally opened in the coming week. So I am not only getting a new haircut but also getting rid of my wig. I will post photos of my new and old hair in the next weekly recap.

Face masks and me: Face masks in public transportation in groceries has become mandatory in Germany. So I have forced to wear them. In general, it is very annoying and doesn’t look good at all! But I managed it and slowly getting in used with the new rules. So how did it went? Find out on my photos below!

I passed the test and received an A1 certificate in the German language: I have been studying German now for many weeks. The time of quarantine has given me an excellent opportunity to focus on the things that are essential, and that I would otherwise not concentrate enough. Hard-working weeks in language study as brought me finally good results! This week, I passed the A1 language test and received an official McGraw-Hill Education certificate in the German language. I am so proud of myself!

To get this certificate, I have demonstrated that I can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and fundamental phrases. Introduce myself and others, ask questions about personal details, and interact simply.

The test was not easy, but I am glad that I step closer to become a German speaker. However, there are still lots of improvements I need to make to meet my goal, which is, hopefully, to reach the B2 level at the end of the year.

Screenshot 2020 05 01 At 22.19.47
My tones from the last week

My tone of the week: Informative. This week I have little ease down the informative style of writing. However, it still leads to the first position in my general writing style. Lots of improvements have been made in a friendly as well as in optimistic writing style. I have a bit eased down also a formal and confident writing style.

And now, back to the news

Meeting clients during the suspension

Some announcements in further meetings: A few weeks ago, I announced that I can still meet my select clients, but as friends. It is to remind them that they are still vital to me. Initially, they were able to meet me once every week if they wanted so. This week I sent them an email by letting to know that the meeting frequency has changed. My particular clients can now meet me once every two weeks instead of once a week. I am happy to meet them as much as possible. Still, due to the busy time, more demands by my friends desiring to see me, the time has not become sufficient for me to see all people I want. Therefore due to the limited capacity, I have announced that after May 11th, clients can meet me as a friend, less frequently than before. However, I will not forget them. It is important to keep still the precations and preventive behavior of getting the risk of viruses.

Dancing like in heaven: Last Saturday, I met one of my special clients, and it was awesome. We had a fantastic evening together. “We danced like 16-year old boys,” – he said. Day after, I realized that I drank too much wine, and therefore, I felt sick all day on Sunday.

Screenshot 2020 05 01 At 22.28.43
Screenshot of my profile on dating app called ROMEO

Clients sneaking in my private dating profiles

Personal dating profiles: Obviously, while it is not possible to book me, many of my clients have wondered, is there any chance at all? Perhaps to go and find me on my personal dating profiles? Well, that’s an actually pointless attempt. First of all, I am thankful for my loyal clients who had shown their appreciation and support to me in good times, when escort services were an option. They have booked me a lot, and therefore become even more than just clients.

Chances to meet me on dating site: The clients who were not booked me enough, mostly for odd reasons, have now found me on dating sites. And now they are bothering me. I must admit – it is annoying. I have never had anything against my clients – instead, I had always welcomed them to book me in good times when it was possible. Clients writing to me today are those argued in good times with my services, pricing, etc. I am not a bad person, but I will not forget such clients. I am fair if I say that they were not there for me in good times, so they are not deserving of receiving the benefits that my special clients now are receiving. To meet me as a client is a great privilege. Most escort they never ever meet you if you are client because, for them, the clients will stay clients.

Yes, income from the escort job is also support, even if you receive a requested service in return. But it is supporting, and it can be handled for me equally.

My client levels and why: I am not trying to be a machine. I never did it back when I offered my escort services, and will never do in many terms. I am also not forgetting people in my life who are there for good purposes, helping me and supporting me in many ways. Yes, income from the escort job is also support, even if you receive a requested service in return. But it is supporting, and it can be handled for me equally. That’s why I offered multiple client levels to my special clients, according to their bookings and support. It is a reward for everything they have done for me. Because of that, I was able to pay my invoices, enjoy life, and much more. Every business maker is interested in getting money and using it in a way that makes them happy, starting from survival to all the enjoyments you can afford. My special clients on these elite levels – Frequent, Silver, and Gold – can now enjoy the rewards from the donations they had made when it was possible.

As my response to them, I start blocking all these people who are now trying to bother me on dating sites.

Being worthy of getting rewards: Clients who had not supported me in times when it was possible, are not worth the friendship my particular clients are receiving now. They are and will be my regular clients as long as they raise up their contribution. And just like other escorts, I remain to treat them, clients, and only clients. As much as I remember clients who are special to me, I remember those timewasters who are looking for everything for fun and for free. As my response to them, I start blocking all these people who are now trying to bother me on dating sites. These people can book me after suspension if they have no violations in my terms, but they cannot meet me as a friend in these times. Otherwise, all those contributions from the particular clients they made for me have no value. And my heart would have no value.

That’s it for this briefing and the weekly recap. See you in the next weekly recap on May 8th. Have a nice weekend!

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