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Rihard – Your male Escort in Berlin. Book your lifelong experience with the smooth, handsome boy from Estonia, available to you for massage and more!

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Hourly base rates in Berlin for INCALL and OUTCALL*

These are currently my rates in Berlin for short (one or two hours) bookings:

1 hour during the week (Monday to Friday): 120-140 Euro
1 hour during the weekend (Saturday and Sunday): 140-160 Euro

If you book me for more than 3 hours, the hourly rate is during the week between 100-120 Euro and during the weekend 120-140 Euro (save 20% with longer bookings!).

*For regular hourly outcall appointments less than 3 hours I may charge 50 Euro extra.

Hourly base rates during my travel plans outside Berlin*

1 hour for advance bookings: 120-160 Euro** (ONLY FOR INFORMATION)
1 hour for later bookings: 140-200 Euro (ONLY FOR INFORMATION)

Traveling outside Berlin is not possible right now!

*All rates are in Euros. I may adjust rates for your currency based on current exchange rates and convenience.

**Advance bookings can be placed until one day before my trip is starting.

Overnight and longer*

Overnight from Sunday to Thursday: 400 Euro
Overnight on Friday and Saturday: 600 Euro
Weekend: 1000 Euro
7 days: 2300 Euro
14 days: 3600 Euro
30 days: 5200 Euro

*Food, transportation, and other extras are not included.

*Rates may vary in my own trips. To know what are my rates during my trip, please contact me to ask rates from me directly for the corresponding trip.

  • If you book me longer than for 1 night, you get a day with me for FREE.
  • Overnight hours are starting from 21:00 and ending at noon on the day after last night.
  • Overnight can be INCALL and OUTCALL.
  • First-time clients are requested to do overnight only at their place or hotel.

Money protection plans are available for longer bookings. Read more

Specials and extras

Some services I offer at extra cost. These services you can treat as specials or extras and you can ask prices for them personally.

​Please note, any extras and specials ARE NOT included in my regular rates.

Please note that the price calculator will NOT show currently accurate pricing information for short bookings (one or two hours).

Minimum booking time requested*

Hometown: 1 hour
Home country: depends on kilometers minimum of 3 hours
Europe: depends on kilometers minimum of 3 hours
Worldwide: 72 hours (3 days)

*Travelling on a business class if applicable or paying for my travel time 50 Euro per hour.

Maximum booking time requested

Hometown: 72 hours (3 days)
Home country: 30 days
Europe: 30 days
Worldwide: 30 days

Suggested booking times

During the regular weekdays (Monday to Friday): from 9 am to 10 pm.
During the weekend (Saturday and Sunday): from 3 pm to 9 pm.

  • For late-night calls (after 23:00) I may charge 50 Euro extra per hour.

All payments must be in cash, if not specified otherwise. Later payments are not accepted. As a cash payment, I accept only EUROS. For safety reasons, I do not accept 500 Euro banknotes

!! Please remember, that donations are for my time. All my quoted prices are time-base, not service-base. !!

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