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Client’s reviews, what they are?

I’m back in Berlin after a week off from my holiday trip to Estonia! Actually, it’s now a week since I came back and as I have little more time now, I thought that I break the promise what I already did a long time ago, about promising a long time ago to write a blog post about client’s reviews and what they are actually.

So, let’s get to the topic now. Today I give you signs about what the client’s reviews are and are they always accurate. Well, the review system is nowadays the first source that clients are looking at before they book the service. So it’s important that every business is making enough effort to keep it always nice and positive. Unfortunately, not all the service providers can offer the best reviews system, as they might be either: a) only for registered users, or b) for everyone to write, no matter are they actually clients who booked the service or not. And that’s the last option, unfortunately, have been so obvious nowadays, that any public review system cannot bring often to business accurate reviews.

I have been escorting now over a year (woah!) and have been issuing with different issues, regarding the reviews system. I currently have my ads visible on two sites, one is Planetromeo corporate site, called “HUNQZ” and another one is RentMen.com. Both sites are supporting the client reviews, however, one of these sites are currently lacking with getting accurate and reasonable reviews, as they are public and accessible to everyone, no matter whether I have met the review writer (a client) or not. A few weeks ago I had one user that I believe he never met me in real and he kept constantly to write to me about an absolutely not related review that seemed to be spam. On all top of that, he just kept writing me reviews like “I’m a bad Instagram influencer”, but surprise-surprise, there another customer who wrote me a “positive” review about how he fingered me with his arm length hand (which is absolutely not true, since I did ever do that before with clients). After getting constant spam, I decided to write to a support a message that somebody should do something to prevent the anonymous user to spam me with the absolutely unfair review that is not related and definitely not accurate, describing my service in a very wrong and trying to influence my business in victim way.

So it seemed that the review author just tried to take me down, whether he was angry at me for some reasons or he is just victim who is writing bad reviews to anyone who is on his path. Anyways, support blocked him eventually to prevent me to write bad reviews over again. But this is just an example of users who can do reviews publicly, they write there anything they want.

I have talked a week ago with one escort who issued with the same problem, but the issue he had seemed to be more “accurate”, however, it wasn’t. He asked help from me to understand what he needs to do to prevent user to “shit” on his profile with the inaccurate way of spamming. As I had already such experience from the past, I recommended him to just contact with the support and ask similar help as I did.

But on another hand, Rentmen.com, for example, does not let users write a review until they have an account that is verified and moderated. I had a client who did not have an account on both of these sites, but he wanted to write me a review. So he was not able to do it since he did not have an account.

So, are there reviews are accurate? Well, we can argue with that for sure. I would say yes and no. I’m not removing my reviews to keep them accurate and honest, however, such like spammy and unrelated reviews I still had to remove, since they were not written by good purposes and not accurate at all. I had always given to my client’s freedom to decide, whether they want to tip me with the review or not, whether they are good or bad. But I cannot control what kind of users visiting my ad and how moody they are. Not all the reviews can be accurate, because people who are writing a public review without meeting an escort, could be written based on their emotions and impressions before meeting actually an escort. That’s a shame, but unfortunately, as long as some ads are not controlling the way how clients can write reviews, there can be nothing sure and might contain misleading information. So it could be always to ask clarification from escort and see how they respond to you, before making a decision based on bad reviews they get. Also, it is useful to check how reviewers can left reviews, before making your final decision. If you can leave a review without having a verified account and without meeting an escort, then you should be careful with making a decision based on “one bad review”. Because misleading and unreasonable reviews can bring sometimes confusion and lose the chance to meet a quality escort.

There is actually a very good statement I like: “If you have not been criticized, then most likely you are not doing anything” – Donald Rumsfeld. This statement brings me an inspiration that we escorts cannot take control over to every single user and be responsible about their moods, especially if they can express them the way that is easy to do for them. Unlike product buyers, who can write a review only after they have purchased the product, we escorts cannot have that possibility. And therefore, unfortunately, we are also getting hurt more, than that service provides who can get only accurate reviews.

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1 thought on “Client’s reviews, what they are?”

  1. I met Rihard twice. Always I wanted to write a positive review on rentmen. I have created an account there, but still it is unverfied. So, I know the described difficulties. I am a math teacher and there are also webpages about reviewing teachers from students perspective. There is one bad comment about me on that page and nothing else …. for many years now. However, this one bad opinion is always told to me… and is persistent and biases people. Being personally reviewed in public www is really something that can hurt. Trying to get it off the page was not successful so far.


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