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February at the glance

It is time to peek to February as the March just began. I have been inspired and motivated to write month review to let understand both to my clients and escorts about how I am doing so far. This is the first blog post where I write about my experiences about monthly. Now, as March just begun and spring is around the corner, I would like to conclude my February and write about what happened so far.

In general, February was a quite interesting month. It was productive, but also challenging, especially with the different problems I've faced with. I have told my clients stories about my escorting job and life in general. I also have interesting topics to bring to my clients and that's what I actually enjoy most, because with my friends (as some of them doesn't know about my "secrets") might not understand and could even judge me being "professional". Yesterday, a client of mine asked me an interesting question: "Do my landlord knows about what I am doing?" I simplified the answer, by just telling: "Doesn't care, I'm not doing something illegal". The way I earn money is honest and adjusted with the government authorities.

So, to look back to February, I had so far one challenging client and one "crazy" escort experience with another escort. I have met my previous clients and had also delighted moments with them, as well as with new ones. Comparable with January, my February escort experience was more "extreme", as I went through many different situations. January was quite calm and smooth, but February went really crazy. In fact, that I took one week off from "work" to spend time with my friends and family, I still had a lot of different experiences with clients and non-clients. Short month taught me how to became better, by improving my services, rules and so on.

Things that I have learned

So What I have learned so far from my February experiences? Well, definitely I learned one thing from my one client: Never accept other currency than only euros. I have met one client who was quite okay at the beginning and during our service, by starting like every normal appointment starts, with drinks and nice conversation. And then, of course, we jumped into sex. But on all top of it, when we came to the end of service and I started to get the payment, he paid me with USD dollars. I was shocked, as it was my first experience that the client paid me other currency that in euros. So what I had to do? Of course, take the payment. But I warned client, that this is the last time when I take dollars. The amount he had to pay for the service, was 170 euros and he paid 200 USD dollars, which makes of course, in a direct way the difference about nearly 30 euros. But he either could not or did intentionally paid attention that the dollar and between euros there is also exchange fees and conversion fees that has to pass on me. So the amount I actually got was 143 euros, which made nearly a difference of 30 euros from my service rate. After I sent a bunch of reminders away to a client, he was never got back to me and ignoring completely the fact, that today he owes me almost a 30 euros (which is not so big amount, but still less than what he had to pay). So now, as I had such experience, I have really at the other hand, nothing to complain since my rules have nothing voiced about the currency. However, because of that accident, I have updated now my rules that states the payment currency - only EUROS.

Bad experiences both with escort and client

The other quite bad experience I had with another client, but that was even worse. During this nearly a year when I have to escort, I had so far 2 bad experiences (which is quite impressive, actually, comparable how many clients I have been served over a year). With the client which I've met during February, right after I came back from holidays, we had even a fight. His problem was that he is not reading escort profiles, as unfortunately many users do not. But he thought that maybe he will "try" and then 'let's see". So what he did, was that started like 30 minutes before he had to show up, ask me to do unprotected sex (which is no way), in fact, we had appointment agreement settled already a days ago. That made me feel very uncomfortable and suspicious, as I felt on that moment, that he is actually have not read my profile and no wonder if he is going to request another weird thing that I am not providing. So he did when we met. He started aggressively kissing me, which made me already feel that I am not letting him to my apartment, because it was not polite to kiss me publicly (I mean, I offer still "services" in my apartment, not in the corridor). On that moment was clear who he is when he already stepped into my apartment. He started to complain over and over again about "why I am so professional and not letting him to do what HE WANTS". So I politely explained to him, what services I do offer and asked him nicely to read profiles next time he books and escort. After that, he got angry at me and started to leave, but because my reservation policy says that he has to pay once the appointment is happening, he denied it. So I blocked him to get out and prepared to call the police. After those warnings and acts, he finally gave me some money and I was like "okay, I'll let him go then", but next time there is no way that you will leave like that. It was almost a fight!

And the third experience was with an escort. Obviously, most gays are familiar with the app, calls "Grindr". If not, then just so you know that it is the app, designed for quick hookups and chats. Nevertheless, people can sometimes also stuck in the relationship. Anyways, there was a guy who I've seen on escort platform "HUNQZ" as well. And unfortunately, he started to write to me on Grindr, asking a free hookup. Well, my sexual standards on these apps are higher than on escort platform, if it comes that I will go into a casual hookup. So, as I noticed that he wrote on his escort account that he is versatile (means, a gay man who can fuck and get fucked at the same time). And if it comes to a casual (free) sex, I prefer to have sex only with pure "top" guys (means a guy who would basically not interested in penises at all). And as a result of seeing him basically with his butthole on his escort profile and stating himself as a versa, I decided to reject his offer. He started to apologize that he is not actually versatile and prefers to be more top and blah-blah-blah, I eventually blocked him to prevent get any annoying messages over again. AND THEN, he created a new Grindr profile, just for the purpose to write me again and blame on me that "I am a kid, who should go to kindergarten" (wtf?). Anyways, that's least, but not last. After passing a week or so, he wrote to me on escort platform, asking to have a threesome with a client as well as my rates. I started to explain him that my rates are dependent on many factors (like a weekday, duration, outcall or incall and so on). Then what he wrote me back, was absolutely aggressive, like asking me basically to stop explaining and aggressively asked me the rates. As it was totally disturbing and not respective at all, I decided to tell him that "sorry, I'm not accepting your offer". So, what he wrote, was not much different than when he wrote to me on Grindr:

"My behavior is 100 more professional than your kid.
It’s business, not a kindergarten. 
Nobody cares are you offended or not if money is good.
Nobody cares about your wishes and other bullshit.
I won’t be surprised if you have like 2 clients in 1 week If not less. 
I really don’t care about you and about all the nonsense you write.
I just don’t want guys who meet you to think that other escorts are the same as you. No fucking way.
I will find another guy, ‘cause you are obviously know nothing in this business"

I responded to him:

"Okay, I will. Please kindly stop writing me, as I have seen your behaviour before. Just learn to be polite and nice with people you interact. I was polite with you and explained my rate policy. If you don’t respect it, you don’t have to be rude. I don’t expect an answer. Take care"

"One more thing, thought. I think it’s normal to explain my rate policy as we can discuss about my final amount. I have been working before with escorts and no one were rude like you. That’s why I don’t want to accept your offer. I’m always nice with people who are respectful and polite with me. And I try to keep that happen in future as well. I have escorts with whom I’m working with and we always came in agreement. But you are just starting to slam on my face, instead of discuss the business. Really shame."

He thinks absolutely the way that doesn't meet my values. I have already told on my webpage and everywhere, that I am not a product like he thinks that most escorts are. The "money talks" with me on the way of timing, because my time is for the first priority to my clients, but not my body or worthiness. I'm not selling myself, I'm selling my time and the way that escort expressing himself, is the way how prostitutes are actually acting: "take everything that you have just because of money, the first priority is money and then my self-worthiness and body". No, with me it doesn't work. And actually, doing quite good with attitude. He also thinks that I have maybe only one or two clients every week, but far from that. Currently, I'm doing better than anyone else probably, just with the difference that I'm not selling myself and keeping my self-worth. I think, in reverse, that actually most of my clients are valuing and respecting about me. They will have always a quality companion, who knows what I am worth.

There are no secrets, who that escort is. His username on HUNQZ.com is a "Jumpboy" - https://www.hunqz.com/hunq/Jumpboy

Least, but not last

You wonder, why I brought so many negative experiences from February? Well, there were actually many good experiences as well! Those experiences are taught me again, that being good with others means that I've been deserved good behaviour from clients as well. I have tipped on February more than once for my service. Many clients have been impressed by my apartment, as it looks tidy, modern and accurate. The best place to spend good time. Now it's one month since I moved in. I have gained on February also the returning clients and the reputation level, so I will keep this path on March as well. Happy March!

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