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Have you ever wondered: Why I need an escort?

Today's article focussed on an interesting topic: Why should you hire an escort, instead of not paying for sex and have a guy for free?

Last weekend I met a client, who brought me an idea to write an article about escorting benefits for clients. Many people could sometimes wonder, why do they need an escort if they could find a guy for free or would have a guy for free. I think this article will benefit many readers as I'm going to explain to you, why you should hire an escort and what are the real benefits.

As I met many guys and had dated with them as well. Sometimes we bring a topic, or they complain that they would never pay for the escorting. Paying for having a guy could sometimes bring emotions, like Do I am ugly, so I cannot have a guy for free? Do I really have to pay for just sex if I could find an attractive guy for free? Do I am young enough to have an escort?

Actually, those questions are often brought to me from different people, even from my friends! I respect their answers. However, there is nothing to do with your age, with your attitude or whatever. Hiring an escort isn't something personal. So have you ever had concerns like that? Escorts are like masseurs or hairdressers. You book them too get quality service and then pay for that. Whether it is sexual or non-sexual, doesn't matter. No one would force you to have sex with an escort, instead of having quality time. People are thinking that if they book a companion, then they are different than others.

No, this statement is absolutely not correct! I understand if people are thinking sometimes like that, but booking an escort is not shame and there is really nothing to do with your personality or your physical condition. It is all about the quality, as I mentioned before. I have met so many clients and they are very different - starting from naturality to the physical and ending to the nationality! People, like you, who are booking an escort, are seeking more quality, than having just a random, meaningless sex (unless you are in a relationship) with a guy that they don't know. It's just like a service as I mentioned. You don't really care what people are thinking of you, isn't it? Escorts are the guys who really don't care, how you look or what you are like. They care more about the service they offer and the payment they get in return.

That's why it's better to book an escort, to have a more relaxing time with the guy who is fully dedicated to you. I have told people that the main reason between finding a Tinder, Grindr or any date, is all about how guys are looking at you or what matters more to them. Most of the time they want just a quick hookups to get rid of their hornyness and then they would probably say you goodbye (even without caring if you were satisfied too). There is one example, what my friend of a friend have experience recently with meeting a guy from the hookup app. They went together and had sex, after a few minutes they guy just fucked him and got an orgasm. Then he said: okay, I'm done. I cannot have you anymore. Now the guy were really sad because he did not got into the orgasm that fast and had to finish it.

Of course, as much as sex is between two humans and their needs, its also about their health condition. We, as a escorts cannot control clients physical condition and health in general. They all need to know their ability about getting orgasms and so on. So, some clients who had an hour with escorts, could not even cum, because the time is too short and they think they are too old to go fast. That's why I recommended sometimes people to book for a longer time so that they have plenty of time to fullfill all their needs and fantasies. But going back to the topic, then escorts, as they get paid for their time, are more dedicated and focussed (or at least should be) than regular guys you meet on different dating apps. You will notice it as soon as you have sex or whatever you need with an escort guy, instead of a regular guy from app. There might be an arguments of course and I believe that sometimes you could be lucky too to find a free options. But this is less likely than having an escort. Booking an escort is an investigation for your time. You would like to have it very special, especially if you are traveling and you don't have much time to look around and find a "perfect match" on dating apps. It's like going on a vacation and want some good, stress free, relaxing time to yourself. Why should you think then, that booking an escort is much different than your quality time you would spend at spa's or with the masseur or even in luxourous hotels? The questions would be nearly same: Why do I need to book a standard room if I have a money and I need more luxourous things? I understand that sometimes people doesn't have money for booking an escort. That's really the only thing that makes sense to look guys for free. But as long as you do have money and thats something you want, why should you stop yourself by having the unreasonable and conservative way of mindset? Chill.

I had honestly very different clients so far. Clients that I had, were amazing. Starting from models to the regular people and even more! And they concerns are not wether they look bad to get a regular date or whatever. They all, like most of you, need a guy to spice up their evenings, without the fear that it could not happen. Some of my clients were not the best looking, but even more, clients are the guys who would honestly, be wanted from many guys and for free or even for money! So I hope that you found out something to ponder from my today's topic and found that it is interesting or motivation for you to keep going.

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