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How to impress escorts from the beginning and during the appointment?

Over a few months, I have met many different clients, starting from unusual fetishes to the romantic dinner and more. But are they actually all have impressed me? Well, today’s topic basically focussed on how to behave and win our heart.

Are the escorts really only for sex date? Are the escorts different guys than others? How would look like the date with escorts? Clients who are booking us are maybe often wondered, how would it all look like. Are we actually so different than the “normal dates”?

We, escorts, believe that date with clients should look us like a regular date. Sometimes we have to be like actors, to provide them the maximum pleasure. That’s what often happens when clients are booking us for just sex. Actually no, not all of us are standing for that purpose. Those who are only providing sex without companionship, would probably not enjoy as much as those guys who starting with the great talk, maybe a cup of coffee and then see how it all goes. I really do like it! It is especially best for dealing with people who have no such experience before and want to try things out.

There is nothing different much about booking an escort or going on a regular date, not even weird! Our comfort and mood are also depending on our clients because let’s be honest – we are humans like you. We have a sense of feelings, and if our clients are not treating us well, we would not feel great with them, and we would not provide them excellent service because of being poorly treated. So I thought that this post would help you to understand why it is essential to leave a remarkable impression to escorts and have it can be done.

Start with a polite and personalized message

It is important the first impression of a client. But also from escort itself. If you start with a polite manner, addressing the escort boy or lady name, escorts will get a better impression from you. Starting with the polite message will show your respect from the first chat. You’ll get probably more attention that people in a polite manner. It really comforts us.

Long text is not bad, but keep it relevant!

People who are writing long texts means that they are more eager to meet you. They are more genuine and honest people, and in that way, they leave us also more trust. You may want to introduce yourself, tell us who you are and what are you looking for. You don’t need to reveal your company information or personal tax number, but if you tell us as much as you feel comfortable and you keep it long, it will help understand you better and prepare us better for our date. People who are introducing themselves leave us a good impression because it shows their interest to book us.

Be always on time, and don’t let us wait too long!

Whether you book a date with your friend, colleague, or a family, you may want to be on time, showing your respect and love. So why not to keep that standard when you book an escort as well? If you are on time to our appointments, it will show us that you respect our time and not only our time but your time as well! We really appreciate people who are respecting our time. If you book us for the outcall, don’t let us wait for you at the front of the entrance too long. Provide beforehand all the details so the date would go as smoothly as possible. If you have any changes, let us know this as much in advance as possible, in that way you show that you don’t want us to keep booked for no reason.

Come on a date with nice surpise

It doesn’t have to be a box of diamonds or one million dollars, but if you come to date or you invite escorts out, make sure you also have something to give. It can be flowers or a bottle of wine or anything small, but it really makes us feel loved. When clients are bringing us a small gift, it shows how much they love and respect us. So it is not really a weird date, and you can also feel more love in return.

Ask a different (but not too sensitive) questions during the date

Show your interest! Ask questions like about hobbies, interests or anything like that, but don’t get too personal. We really like it if our clients are also showing their interest to keep up the right conversation. Avoid topics and questions about personal topics, such as a relationship, how it feels like to be a gay, or keeping reminded about elementary things such as giving inappropriate suggestions such as advice to stopping work as escort, or alternatively reminding about to going to school or how is it not perspective to work as an escort. We all know that already, and this could make us feel bad!

Keep communicating with escorts even after the date

Giving feedback to us is also very important. If we did it well, just thank us, say nice things and keep up the good relationship with us even after our date! It doesn’t always work with all escorts, but those who really enjoy the companionship rather than only sex would be much delighted if their clients will also show their interest after the date. It doesn’t cost you anything and just occasionally asking how we are doing will help us to feel wanted and loved. People who show care and interest in after our date will also build a good relationship with escorts like us.

Keep up good work!

So, guys, I hope that this article helps you to prepare your next bookings with escorts well and you can find from this post many useful tips for your next date. Be also aware that not many escorts are compiled to this article, as people are different. But surely if you book me or any escort from an agency, you will be more than surprised if you follow these guidelines on this blog post. You’ll probably have a lot of success and only good experiences with male and female escorts. Good luck and let me know in comments if you had already some excellent skills!

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  1. You’re right. A good conversation is very important at the beginning. Unfortunately, customers are not always aware of this and only write single words or inappropriate sentences.


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