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I am back!

Hey guys. So a long time ago and no posts, what a pity story to tell! But I am now happy to be back and shoot with some new posts again. I have asked by so many people when I could add some new posts. But I have promised every day like I will do it soon, and then time just passes and no posts. Anyways, let's first go into stories, before the new posts are on the way to my blog.

Today I am going to tell, how I have been doing. Since many of you haven't heard from me a looong time ago. And the reason why is simple. Back when I posted my last post, I was about to start filling my paperwork for the registration in Germany. I have done so far all the documents I need to work legally as an escort in Germany. Also, the good news is that I have now a permanent place to live here in Berlin. I have completed all my choir rehearsals (yes I am a singer as well, among being escort). After having a week-long holiday trip to Estonia, I managed to be back. So I am ready to have some quality time again with my clients.

Good things are coming from the good reasons

April was especially very difficult and busy month to me. I had to do many things in a short time. First, I had to fulfill my papers for the rental contract. Then I moved all my services to a new platform. The holiday trip to home was just around the corner. Good news will teach me only one thing: going through a busiest and difficult time will teach us and help us to be strong and proud. So I do.

During this time I met different people - one was better than other and reverse. I am so proud to have a good connection with my clients who are booking me over again. I feel like it is not just an escort life; it is something unique that I can develop inside me. Building a good friendship with clients is essential because you will invest your time and energy for something that you will carry probably entire your life. And after finishing working as an escort, you can still remember it.

The one thing I really appreciate about myself is my attitude.

Today I think that I am not just an escort, but my role is more than carrying the escort services. I believe that giving something from your soul is something that people are valuing and something that I can get in return. It is not just about sex; in fact, that most people are actually expecting sex from me as a service. I have nothing against sex because obviously, it is something that we escorts have to admit. Being attractive is sometimes (or often) addictive to our clients, which is fine. Good sex should include in good companionship, but not always mandatory.

Now back to April and March, the months were great. I have become more to meet people who are nicer than others. I take notes from each client to learn more about them. It is essential if you want to offer a good companionship for your returning clients, to learn and understand their needs. But sometimes I have even to say that some people are my last clients, which whom I don't want to meet never again.

Still dealing with unpleasant clients

A few days before my holiday trip to Estonia I had met one client for example, who seemed to be gentle when we talked on WhatsApp, but after all, when it came up that we met, all he wanted just to start to have sex which was seemed to me little too fast. On that day, I remember I had some issues with having anal sex, which means that I had to apologize. He started to demand things like getting a discount because of that. But I explained to him that sorry, I apologized about having not good condition today and being human, he demanded me to continue to offer him service, but by then I were already pissed off and denied to keep.

I remember very well the moment when I warned all my client - use my services but don't treat me like a product! After all, I felt a bit bad, but at the same time, I think I was fair. I just don't sometimes understand people who are not reading my profiles, not talking even about rules. I have never represented to be a prostitute, instead of being a good, friendly companion. We all know that everything depends on mutual affection and chemistry, but people from a different website are often asking me questions like: "how many times we can have sex," "how long the sex should last," and questions like this.

The racism is still the touching point

Talking about prostitution service, the best example that is funny, is what I got last week on WhatsApp when the client wrote in a manner like this: "he puts a timer for 30 minutes if for talk and then 2,5 hours I have to ride on his cock". I think so far it was quite funny, but of course, I denied him, after all, he thought that I am racist because he is black and I don't want to ride on his cock. That was crazy.

Anyways. My parents were over last week so I did only outcalls. May seems to be busy, but it's okay. Thank you also for all those who have wished me well for my 22'nd birthday. I'll keep you posted in the next coming days about my new stories because I have them already so many and I am so impatient to post them!

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