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Money laundering and illegal money transfers

Hey folks. It has been while when I wrote my last blog posts. I do it or at least trying to do it once every week. However, last week was quite busy, and I was not able to post anything that I had so many good ideas and thoughts about writing a blog post. So I queued them in line, waiting for the next release.

Anyways, today I bring you a topic about money laundering and why it is important to me to be very clear about any money transfers that clients are requesting from me. First of all, let's be straightforward to tell you this: I DO NOT participate in any suspicious money transfers that customers are asking from me. But before we go ahead, let's get familiar, what money laundering or in some terms as it stated: "dirty money" is really is?

Money laundering is the process of concealing the origins of money obtained illegally by passing it through a complex sequence of banking transfers or commercial transactions.[1]

One problem of criminal activities is accounting for the proceeds without raising the suspicion of law enforcement agencies. Considerable time and effort may be put into strategies which enable the safe use of those proceeds without raising unwanted suspicion. Implementing such strategies is generally called money laundering. After money has been laundered it can be used for legitimate purposes. Law enforcement agencies of many jurisdictions have set up sophisticated systems in an effort to detect suspicious transactions or activities, and many have set up international cooperative arrangements to assist each other in these endeavors.

In a number of legal and regulatory systems, the term "money laundering" has become conflated with other forms of financial and business crime, and is sometimes used more generally to include misuse of the financial system (involving things such as securities, digital currencies, credit cards, and traditional currency), including terrorism financing and evasion of international sanctions.[2] Most anti-money laundering laws openly conflate money laundering (which is concerned with source of funds) with terrorism financing (which is concerned with destination of funds) when regulating the financial system.[3]

Source: Wikipedia

So, as we see, it is illegal. My rules and terms say on the section EX.05 the following: I do not participate in any unlawful activities which prohibited in the country where I offer my services. All our actions must be legal and obey the local laws. No drugs are allowed during my companionship.

From these statements, it is obvious and easy to understand that my priority is to offer the services that are legalized in my country and legal for me and to my customers. Why I posted this blog post? There is a simple reason. Recently I have received more than one request when people are asking me to do the suspicious money transfers. Probably assuming that either I'm not familiar about legal activities or it is tempted for me to get an "easy money" which is so obvious that most people who are looking at escorts are thinking probably the way that escorts are the people who are getting easy money. I agree that escorts are getting paid without doing much, like sitting day by day on the computer or working at constructions, however, we escorts have to be as much care about any suspicious activities as ordinary people, and our business is depending on very much how we do it. My rules are for the reason to understand people that I do not guy next door to help you with transferring your illegal money, instead, helping you to have excellent and quality time over and over again. The pleasure I offer to you has to follow also the standards of conduction so that I can continue to run my business.

Below are just some example that customers have written me recently (unedited):

"From: Miss Rita Awunyo

I know that this will usher in a sincere relationship base on transparent honesty. I am Miss Rita Kone, 20 years and the only child (daughter) of late Chief George Awunyo from Ivory Coast. My late father was an Abidjan based timber and cocoa merchant.

It is obvious that, this mail and its contents will appear to you as a surprise because we are yet to know ourselves but, I believe that true relationship begins in one day if trust and understanding reign. I have my reason for establishing a new relationship for the purpose of this transaction and that I shall relate to you as we proceed.

My contacting you is for you to help me for the investment of my inheritance (US$2.5Million) which is presently deposited in a bank here in Abidjan Ivory Coast ( Cote d'Ivoire ).

For your sincere effort in helping me to retrieve and secured the funds, I have resolved to give you 10% of the total sum.

Your quick and positive response to this mail will save a soul as I am passing through a difficult situation here.

Thanks and remain blessed.

Miss Rita Awunyo."

"[...] He had an account with Union Bank here in Nigeria which I am the reference or account manager and over $13 million( Thirteen Million US Dollars ) is left in the account since 2004 he died till today.And now the Union Bank management have come to conclusion to freeze the account for been dormant unless as thereference or the account manager I provide any of his relation who will inherit the money in the account, which I knowis impossible to me at this point in time.So Rihard in this current situation, I want the bank to transfer this money to you in Turkey as the next of kin, once you receive the money in Turkey you take for yourself 30% and invest the rest for me until I come.

Please this is serious, if I don't do it this way the bank will freeze the account and all the money will be gone, I have no option. [...]"

From last message sender wants me to be confidential which shows that he is hiding hi profit to someone else and does not want me to reveal himself.

So in short, for escorts and users both: Please do not use escort service as a way to get rich in illegal way, neither do participate in any suspicious money transfer, even if it's tempting and people are promising you a considerable amount as referral money. It could be tempting, especially for escorts who are working because to get only money. It could lead you to severe accuse and to the criminal case, which will ruin your entire life if you let it come. Be always careful and if there is something suspicious going on, try to seek help from the corresponding persons from government states.

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2 thoughts on “Money laundering and illegal money transfers”

  1. Hi Rihard, I also receive these emails a lot. Usually with stupid high sums of money in it. Of course, they are everything else than honst offers. My recommendation: Never even answer to these emails. Don‘t write back! Just delete the mails. Maybe you were just lucky in your life, but there will always be people who want to exploit you. You are a real good young man who really always finds the best way to meet the needs of your clients. This is brilliant, but this also can look like an invitation for those bad people. Thank you for your interesting blogs… I like to read them. Dan

  2. Hey Rihard, i really like to read your blog posts. I´m 36 y. and close to my first “escort experience”. I found your profiles on two different websites (hunqz and….. forgotten 😉 You´re a very, very handsome guy. I was surprised about your professional mindset regarding to your job. I´m looking forward to read the other blog posts. You wrote that it annoys you when the english skills of your clients are too bad. I know: Mine are not the best too.. But i signed up for an english online course today. Just to have a good conversation with my dreamboy in case we will have a first date haha. So i wish you a nice week. Sebastian


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