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Spontaneous or planned dates – which one to choose?

May is about to come to an end. I had a fantastic month: many inspiring dates and many family-related occasions. As the month is about to an end, there is another blog post waiting for you to read! Today I am focussed about different kind of dates - spontaneous vs. planned.

Apparently, I have a different kind of clients and appointments. Some of them prefer to have casual dates over planned ones. And some clients prefer to schedule the time instead ahead than meet spontaneously. So what is the difference, if any? And why one to another is better or worse? Well, on this blog post, we start digging!

Spontaneous dates are more flexible

Unlike the planned dates, casual dates are more flexible. It is when the client has basically the mood to date. It could occur for several reasons. Whether he is horny, he has just some available slots in his calendar and needs to fulfill it somehow. Or he just has financially possible to arrange the date with an escort. Of course, these dates are always best if you need more flexibility, but wait only! Spontaneous dates can be a good idea if you are not sure about when you exactly can meet me. Or you have just the mood and you can afford it at that very moment.

But often, I have to reject the casual dates for several reasons. The main reason could be my availability. Since now the summer season is about to start, there is a lot of tourists and visitors. That only means that I am also highly demanded these days. Who wouldn't need a good looking guy for his special occasion? Not even talking about professional service that I have to offer. Then the other reason could be my willingness and other plans that are not involved with the escort job. Like for example, my friends and personal life that can sometimes get quite busy.

Spontaneous dates are good for locals

Compared with the spontaneous dates and planned dates, the last is especially useful if you want to make sure and guarantee that you can actually meet me and you have time reserved. Especially useful, if you are planning to come to my city for the short term visit - whether for work or tourism, and you cannot stay longer. What a pity if you cannot meet me then! That sometimes happened in my escort journey, that there are clients who are "waking up" in the last minute. So, if you plan to meet an escort while you are traveling, use instead of the booking option. And make sure that your reservation is guaranteed. If you plan to attend me regularly and you are living in my town, then spontaneous dates can be a perfect option as well!

Spontaneous dates good for current mood

Let's bring some examples from my work when I had a good experience with spontaneous and planned dates. A few months ago, when I moved here (now almost six months, by the way!), I had quite many local clients who booked me in advance. And now they are more into spontaneous dates. So occasionally they text me and just asking if I could meet them right now. One client even said that "he cannot predict when he is getting horny or feeling like he would date me."

So he booked me based on his mood, and it was possible! But back then, I always preferred to have instead planned dates than spontaneous ones. I had a kinda "routine" to plan my day. So I was more strict just because to reduce the stress and think less: whether I am available on this particular day or I got some dates spontaneously. But now I just learned that even if I have quiet days when I have no accepted client-bookings, spontaneous ones could be quite okay!

Time matters on spontaneous dates

But heads-up! You cannot guarantee that spontaneous dates are working with me always. Like recently I had a hectic week. So the client who wanted to book me spontaneously were not able to do that. Because an hour before I just got booked. And another great example of why spontaneous dates are not always good, is because I had a client who asked me availability and wanted to date me. And I got just booked 10 minutes after so he was not able to schedule me anymore. That was a pity because he actually did not say "I confirm". As a result, I was setting myself as still "available" and open to taking bookings. It's like a hunting game, you will win only if you act fast!

What to choose then? Spontaneous dates or planned dates?

As described, there can be advantages and disadvantages with the spontaneous vs. planned dates. If you are a traveler or visitor, coming here for work or just tourism doesn't matter, but expected times are always the best if you intend to meet me. I might be available, but even if I have two clients only in my daily schedule - believe or not, but that's already enough for me in one day! The reason is that if I take too many clients, I lose my potential to offer a quality service, as the attention that I can provide and my physical and mental performance much tired, compared when you would be the first client in my day. So heads up! Being my first client in a day is a really privileged feeling, actually.

Avoiding extra charges on planned dates

Also, spontaneous dates could bring you a lot of expenses extra, such urgent call service fees and unpleasant high rate prices. Sometimes clients who are booking me for the holidays and weekends, cannot expect that my weekend rates are higher than on regular days. Or in another way - if you book me on the same day and you are not informed about restrictions that I have in particular day (such as a minimum time limit or incall/outcall restrictions), you may be unpleasantly surprised if I voice them. So to avoid such moments, you may want to book me in advance. And make sure that the conditions are still the same as agreed for the requested date.

Capability and possible delays on spontaneous dates

Talking about another disadvantage that could happen as a result of spontaneous date is my capability and ready-on possibility. I had some experiences from the past when clients are asked me like an hour before to book me for the hotel date. Well, everything seems to be quite easy - just get the address, agree with the conditions, and just come!

But wait only, if I haven't prepared for that! For instances, I thought that there are no upcoming dates for these days, so I listened to a lot of music or forgot to charge my phone (ups!). So I have no battery left and have to load, and then I get the outcall booking request.

That causes me a lot of stress plus some possible delays from my side, as my phone is turned off because of the low battery level and have no navigation or GPS. I remember quite many of those situations when it happened, but the one was extremely crazy. Like literally my two phones were turned off because of the battery. So I had no calling possibility, no internet, and no GPS. And even no map! And I had to go to the client home to do the outcall service. Thank God that I tried to remember the estimated direction. Cause Berlin is not a small city and you may still get lost if you don't have any internet or GPS connection. And you have not been in this area before.

I would say that I know the city now quite well but still struggling sometimes with the neighborhoods that I have never visited before. Trying to find the places in my mind can also cause some delays. Without even possible to let my clients know about such delays.

Not always on my business phone

During the weekends and holidays, I might want to spend more time with my friends and do my hobbies. That's why I am not available on my business phone so if you wondered, that you can maybe meet me right now - haha! You'll get surprised how impossible it could be! The one thing that I considered to have is my priority contact form, which lets you get a response instantly from me even in those busiest times. I made my client's life bit more comfortable, buy integrating option for the small amount. So in this way, it is easier to arrange a spontaneous appointment with me.

As you see, spontaneous appointments are not always great. Working as an escort, my clients are always important to me. I try to take bookings as much as possible, however, every client should understand that I have also personal life and I am not always online. So if you feel in the mood to meet me at that very moment and you hope that I can take your booking request - it could be not always possible! Making an advance bookings is much easier - that's why some escorts prefer to take bookings in that way. And if you are many of these client types who like a twinky-twinky little star, you'll get some weeks quite busy! Happy trying and have a nice week ahead with a lot of luck!

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