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The most challenging moments as being Escort

Another great week started and today’s topic brings us the story from my personal experiences as being an escort. If you had already read my first posts back when I wrote about the idea to become an escort, then there were some highlights about the challenging moments in Escort life. But today I want to write more in-depth and give you some ideas on how you would start a conversation if you intend to book an escort.

Having a good start is the way to show that you are genuine and serious

Of course, every escort is different. No such firm solution applies to everyone. Some people just don’t want to have long conversations, and some of them are trying to keep communications as much long as possible and more casual. But we all know that Escorts are like professional (and they are actually) who intends to offer services and get paid. Their clients are not their buddies, like with whom to talk about the weather or discuss cool events or your personal life. Having a conversation with escorts means mostly a business-related discussion, that has to be short, direct and clear as much as possible. That includes, but not only: about time, place, duration and maybe brief introduction. The best way to start a conversation with the escort is first to introduce yourself so that would help me understand you, your needs and help me to be more personal and dedicated to you. Then obviously we are talking about business so the next step would be your interest (like what you expect, what do you want to get and so on). It is important to know also, where you would like to get the requested service and when. So you provide me information like date, time and location – whether it is at your place or in my home. And of course, the duration of the time, like 1 hour, 2 hours, overnight, week and so on. That would be the perfect start and actually leaves a good impression to companions for who you want to book. In such a beginning, there will usually be no problems, and we just meet after we have settled everything.

Most times I’m getting frustrated from the nonsense conversations

However, things are not always going so smooth and simple as I described and that’s I think, is the most challenging moment in my life when it comes to business. It’s actually not difficult for me to meet clients and provide services, even if clients are not looking right or their demands are high. I have been trained with the attitude, that I’m who I am. If you expect me to be as on the pictures, then that’s who I am, and that’s what you get. People who are reading my advertisements and my pages on Escort Book are not usually messed up with the services that they expect. The one thing I have learned is being escorted is not being a prostitute. From the very first sight and contact with the client should go smoothly and naturally. I ever expect that you come to my apartment or I come to your place and right after greeting you take your pants off and ask me to start s*ck you co*k on the very first minute until to the very last minute of our appointment. That’s why we are not here. We are not prostitutes, we are companions. And that makes my work most enjoyable. What happens during our companionship, should be natural and with good feelings. You don’t expect me to be pressured and involved for something that you know it’s fake, don’t you? I think being also false is challenging and that’s why I try to clear things out very fast when it comes to a situation that the client asks immediately to do things that are not appropriate.

Ignoring and disrespecting rules

But all on top of it, I think that still very difficult at least for me is to answer client messages – whether they are writing me an email or communicating me on any external websites. Most often (and that you should really avoid) is to ignore my rules which is quite annoying intentionally. Today I received a message on my WhatsApp messenger from a person who had no single words about business, I’m not even talking about setting up an appointment. He just kept me called like 5 times in a row. After I warned him that I DO NOT take phone calls, he just held me calling again. At that moment I got really frustrated, and I informed him that if he is going to do any single calls more, I will block him immediately from WhatsApp. But that lousy example “how you should avoid contacting with an escort” is not the only example. It gives you just an idea of me being sometimes suffering from the clients who are not reading my rules and not even intending to make a reservation.

Too much casual chat behind the business

Most of the times clients are just trying to get into casual chat, like to the conversation, for example, “how are you?” or “what are you doing right now?”. I remember one funny story about communication with the client. His first message was like that: “I want your money” (like what, seriously, buddy?!?). Then I was super confused, like what he meant by that. I thought maybe he wanted to offer me money. After I tried to figure out and thought meantime whether he has a crazy time or he is just stupid and weird, he answered that it was a joke. Like wtf, seriously, we talked about the “joke” like a day, and I got again very frustrated because of wasting my time with the endless and pointless chat that does not lead anywhere. It’s a terrible example of how you SHOULD NOT start the conversation. We escorts are humorous people, yes, BUT as long as there is no business involved, you have to acknowledge that there is nothing to talk and making jokes and wasting time shows total unrespect to our time that we spend to clients. We don’t get paid for your silly jokes, we only get paid from the services we provide to you. All the communication comes from our free time that we could cook the food, do our hobbies or whatever. And when I tried to explain it to a person who wanted to be funny, he was insane and left me a BAD REVIEW on my profile (?!?). On that moment I was very disappointed and angry because, on all top of it, he wasted my time and also misled my potential clients who would book me and look forward to the quality that comes from actual SERVICE. I think he finally understood his mistake and he changed his review (maybe he got shamed).

Disappearing clients

Also, the most challenging moment is when clients are talking about long term business, and they are almost ready to book me and trying to reserve the time and then it comes up that they just suddenly disappear and I have no idea what to do – wether book time with others or just wait until it gets confirmed. Some minor things are sometimes bothering me and could be painful, like clients trying to explain to me that I’m worth more than being an escort, convincing me to change my profession, negotiating with the money or services, acting weird or trying to make me out. But those things are rather exceptions than everyday business matters. The most common and popular still is to have a blah-blah-blah conversation that does not takes us anywhere. And sometimes people are blaming that they were stuck in transportation, they had other things coming up, and they cannot be on time or come at all. And even worse, if they do it without notification and when the time comes up that we have to meet, they are not reachable on the phone at all.


So, to conclude my post about the most challenging moments as being Escort is the communication that seems to be so hard often. To meet clients and perform a service isn’t difficult at all. Of course, there are many benefits too, about being an escort and I had many good experiences with the clients, especially with the returning ones. But today’s topic was all about the challenges as doing escorting. Booking an escort and get the service should be smooth like an “ABC.” Just be direct, clear, tell me only things that are essential to know and let’s just make it happen. That’s it!

On my next blog post, we are going to talk about the client’s reviews: how genuine they are, what kind of reviews I keep and which type of reviews I remove, how the reviews are working and so on. So there are many interesting stories are coming up. Stay in tuned and have an excellent week for now!

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