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Changes in my Advance Payment Policy

Starting from 12.02.2024, I will no longer support an advance payment discount of 10% for existing clients. Instead, I've decided to keep this discount only for the new clients booking me for the first time.

For many years, I offered my clients the option to pay via bank transfer to benefit from the 10% advance payment discount. With this offer, my clients have saved thousands of euros, making this payment type very popular and preferable. My existing clients have built great trust in me by paying for the booking before our date, knowing that I always keep my promises and show up on dates. Not only existing clients but also new clients have used this option. It is a great honor for me to gain such trust. So I thank you for that.

The idea behind the discount was to secure the payment and time in my calendar back then to avoid potential fraudulent behavior and risky cancellations, as in most cases, the payments that were paid in advance were not refundable. Also, paying in advance has built my trust in clients, knowing they are real and not scammers, especially new clients.

Unfortunately, due to economic reasons, to continue to offer such discounts will not be practical; I have also learned from my clients and built trust in them, so I can rest assured that attracting the pre-payments with the discount to secure the booking is no longer necessary. I know it may be disappointing for my existing clients, but on the other hand, booking my time without needing it to secure shows also my existing clients that I trust them more. The decision to end the 10% promotion for existing clients was not easy to make.

However, I keep offering attractive benefits in my client program for my existing clients, such as saving hotel costs by having a night at home, free bookings on birthdays, and many more. More information can be found on the client status page.

New terms.

The advance payment discount is valid only for new clients. The money must arrive in my bank account before our date. Discount is also valid for reservations lasting more than 1 hour or one night. Please note that payment must arrive in my account BEFORE the start of our date. Prepaid payment is NOT refundable.

Advance payments for the new clients are accepted only via SEPA bank transfer. Please note that regular bank transfers may take 1-2 banking days. You can use the instant payment option (if your bank supports it) to ensure the money reaches my account before our meeting. I provide you the bank transfer details after booking confirmation, upon request.

This change will have no impact on the advance payments before 12.02.24. However, all payments paid from the date onwards will no longer benefit from that discount.

I thank you for the trust of existing clients who have used this opportunity. And I thank you to all those new clients who will book me in the future by paying in advance for our bookings. Once again, I apologize for the disappointment caused to existing clients, and I thank you for your understanding.

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