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I begin to donate 10% of my income to Ukraine to support Ukraine’s Armed Forces in conflict with Russia

In response to the current situation in Ukraine, I’ve decided on February 27, that starting from March 2022 I begin to donate 10% of my income to Ukraine’s Armed Forces to support the country in this ongoing crisis. The income sources, which I use to donate the funds to Ukraine, are from real encounter meetings, OnlyFans subscriptions, Fan Shop orders, and any other adult-related business activities.

This is the largest donation campaign I have ever launched since I started to work in the adult entertainment industry. With this campaign, I want to show my support for Ukraine and resist the injustice in the current Russian-Ukraine crisis.

We show our unity and we fight together against the enemy. Ukraine war is not aggression only against Ukraine but against all of us. Ukraine needs our help more than ever before.

Earlier today I posted on my Twitter a tweet where I said that I am in my heart with all those Ukrainians who have been affected by this Putin's war. I began already to support Ukraine from my personal funds, starting with the 50 Euro which I've sent them on Saturday. Making it even more meaningful, I've decided to make to start supporting officially from my income funds, so that every client who feels the same way as me, can be part of this.

A tweet on my Twitter wall on February 28 2022

The donation goes directly to Ukraine’s Armed Forces bank account. More information about supporting Ukraine you can find by clicking here.

The campaign will last at least the entire March. Whether it will be necessary, I may consider extending it for a longer period. Any bookings and payments that have been already made for March, will participate in this campaign automatically. The overview and progress of the donations I'll report on my Twitter account.

A similar campaign I launched in December 2019, when I supported animal shelters with 1% of my income.

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