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My upcoming travel plans for 2019 are finally updated and confirmed

On July 19th, Berlin, Germany: My next four upcoming travel plans for 2019 is now finally updated and confirmed by July 22th, no cancellations and changes expected.

Over one month ago I canceled all my first five travel plans, including Tel Aviv, Brussels, Rome, London and more. Unlike last year in 2018, I was not able to fulfill my travel plans as expected, due to the busiest time related to the Estonian national Song- and Dance celebration festival. As the busiest time of the year is now over, I am proud to announce my next four upcoming destinations this summer:

  • Hamburg, Germany: 1.-4.8;
  • Munich, Germany: 15.-18.8;
  • Frankfurt Am Mainz, Germany: 29.8.-1.9;
  • Cologne, Germany: 12.-15.9.

What to expect from the upcoming destinations?

There is few things I would like to point out, regarding my upcoming and already confirmed destinations. Following I'll give you some insights about "what to expect" in this year on my travel plans.

Visitors can now vote

First, there are more destinations to come in 2019. Therese first four, already defined destinations are established based on the users voting and the recommendations for the excellent profit. In May 2019, I announced an exciting feature on my website: A voting for your destination. This option gives to my website visitors the ability to vote for their home town or favorite destination. Unlikely last year, this feature is now used also to define my next destination for the following month, based on the corresponding votes that are cast immediately after the form submission.

More flexible rules in 2019

More changes happen since this summer. Unlike last year, my travels have more flexibility and clarified rules. In 2019, clients can also book me for an overnight during my trip, by paying half of my transportation cost and covering the expense of my night rental. The pricing system is fairer than ever. For those who are booking me before my arrival, can get cheaper rates.

Expecting no cancellations from now on

I try as much as possible, to keep my travel plans confirmed. However, there is always a chance that they may change. Once you see on my Availability page that my destinations are confirmed, there is an only small chance that they may change or even canceled. During my travel time to another location, I am not available to clients in my hometown.

My hourly rates for my trips are starting from 120 Euro and overnights from 600 Euro. The prices are subject to change, based on the location I am traveling. For the detailed pricing, send me a direct message.

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