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My year of 2022 and the Christmas campaign 2022 results

What an incredible year 2022 was, despite many challenges we faced (war in Ukraine, inflation, etc.). Although whatsoever happened behind us, I've met wonderful people in my life. I not only won back my former clients, but I also won new clients who are booking me frequently today. And what is most important - I started working again in my regular schedule after the Covid-19 lockdown!

My Christmas 2022 campaign is the first biggest campaign I launched after the Covid-19 pandemic, bringing together many clients and my other fans to participate in amazing deals and rewards. Each reward brought happiness to my clients, fans, and those suffering from the Russian-Ukraine war because we donated more than 1% from my bookings to those who need humanitarian aid and a better Christmas.

The overall stats from Christmas 2022 campaign are finally wrapped up and available below!

The Christmas 2022 Campaign wrapped up.

total participants


who participated total.

unique participants


who were unique.

most participated


was the most popular day, with 11 participants.

earnings gained


was earned from Christmas Campaign (after discount).

discounts given


was given discounts.

lottery winners


won total in various lotteries.



was total donated to people in need, war victims, and their relatives in Ukraine. 🇺🇦

I thank everyone who participated, and I'm looking forward to another great Campaign to attract even more clients and offer fun on both sides!

Some of you know that the first half of 2022 was challenging for those who wanted to book me due to the complicated life situation that distracted me from taking clients. It was caused by the fact that I had studied and traveled lots of time to the UK because of someone I was dating. It is now over, and I strive to work in full and uninterrupted power to ensure that all my clients who want to book me and meet me can do so. And also to ensure that I am more careful in my plans, leaving my current and potential clients behind for no reason.

Inflation and my prices in 2023

Although many companies with whom I am related in business and private has increased their price, I've decided to keep my prices the same in 2023, despite inflation. It was possible only because of my clients and potential clients like you, booking me often. Because of my good clients and revenues in 2022, I cannot complain that I received less money because of increased inflation. And because of that, I did not rush to increase the price, even if my expenses increased. My prices have not increased since I started to work as an escort (4 years ago). When it comes to such a decision, it must always be carefully considered. I aim to be fair not only to myself but also to my clients.

Thank you to everyone who booked me, and I wish best of 2023! Please remember that pricing adjustments are also up to you, who is my client or potential booker. Your contribution helps me to keep my prices as low as possible. So your contribution also in 2023 has significant meaning and value to me.

I am looking forward to good client relationships also in the new year!

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