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Notification about my contact information changes

During the last couple of weeks, have changed a lot with contact information you used to have maybe before. In case you missed something, I would like to inform about my contact details that are valid now for your future questions and for your next bookings.

  • Starting from January 24th, I changed my email address. My new email address that is valid now, is: [email protected]

The past emails that I used, were [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] that are NOT VALID ANYMORE (please don’t use them, the emails are not going through from my old addresses);

  • Starting from February 8th, I changed my operating phone number. My new phone number that is valid now is +49 151 41396103, and that works as well on WhatsApp.

The past numbers I used, were +372 5905 7675 and +372 8805900 that are NOT VALID AND WORKING NUMBERS ANYMORE (please don’t use them anymore as the calls and messages are fails to that numbers);

Please note, that my email address [email protected] is for the regular bookings and general questions and it works 24/7, however, during the weekends the answer might delay as I’m not reading my emails frequently during the weekends and on holidays. My phone number is only for regular text messages (SMS) and for WhatsApp messages. I DO NOT accept phone calls. If you want to make a phone call, you might want to consider to use my priority support options

Also, I would like to let you know that my address has been changed from the beginning of February. If you have used to come to my old address in Berlin for incall services, you might want to ask my new address to prevent any inconveniences.

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