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My travel plans for Spring/Summer 2023

Travel Plans Spring/Summer 2023

I am announcing my travel plans for the Spring/Summer of 2023. This season surprises you with two new destinations: Oslo and Hamburg. While I have been visited already many times Cologne in West Germany and the Latvian capital Riga, the two new locations will be completely new destinations for me to visit. I am thrilled to start taking advance bookings for the following destinations on the below dates.

My travel plans for Spring/Summer 2023 are the following:*

  • Apr 27 - May 01 Cologne, Germany
  • May 05 - May 07 Riga, Latvia
  • May 25 - May 29 Cologne, Germany
  • Jun 15 - Jun 19 Hamburg, Germany
  • Jun 22 - Jun 26 Oslo, Norway
  • Jul 06 - Jul 10 Cologne, Germany

*The dates above are subject to change. If any changes will be made, they will be updated on my website's home page at the right sidebar as well as on any of my available ads on the external websites.

How do I determine my destinations?

Choosing the travel destinations is a careful step. It should bring not only good revenue but also be interesting. For this reason, I followed many aspects to make up my mind. Firstly, I looked at my travel ideas for this year, which were announced earlier in my blog news. These ideas aren't clients' travel requests but my "travel bucket" or my own travel wishlist.

For this year, as mentioned, the travel destinations in my travel bucket were Reykjavik (Island), Oslo (Norway), Hamburg (Germany), Warsaw (Poland), Prag (Czech Republic), Milano (Italy), Stuttgart (Germany), Monte Carlo (Monaco), and Barcelona (Spain). Unfortunately, not all the destinations from my travel bucket could be possible to add to this season for various reasons. This season, as seen, I plan to visit many places, while I want to take also my return clients and new clients in my home base Berlin.

To choose the destinations, I had to evaluate from my destination budget the best matches based on the client votes from my travel Wishlist poll. I considered the most voted cities to have a higher priority over the others that are on my list too. I followed the LGBT event calendar to visit the destinations that I had chosen at the best time possible. For the location of my hotel, I had to choose the one at the most convenient place to reach (usually the central area, near the prominent public transportation connections, near bus/tram stops, easy to reach).

In short, the "formula" of how I plan my trips is the following (steps following the highest priority): Step 1: My availability/possibility to travel + Step 2: My own travel Wishlist/travel bucket + Step 3: Travel votes from my clients + Step 4: Events/the best time to visit the destination + Step 5: Choosing the best Hotel to stay + Step 6: Choosing the most convenient transportation to reach the destination. Once everything is settled, I will announce the travel plan!

What is the most difficult part of planning the trips?

The most difficult is fitting the travel plans into my calendar, as I have confirmed bookings for the future and personal trips to family and private occasions with friends. When it comes to planning, I must always "sacrifice" something or combine something with another. For instance, my trip to Oslo would have ideally happened at the beginning of June, but because of the Oslo CSD, I had to move it to the end of the month, probably when the most prominent gay party in Hamburg would take place. On the other hand, this summer, I had only two months to travel because my traditional summer holiday to Estonia will retake place, most likely in August, and the Cologne CSD event is happening already in July, which does not give me much space to fit another trip to July.

Are the pre-bookings already open, and what about the rates?

The pre-bookings for the destinations announced are already open and highly recommended. It does not only guarantee you to see me but also guarantees you the best price. You can take advantage of the best available price by booking me in advance and for longer. As with always, I do not accept overnights during these trips. However, you can book me during the day as long as you wish!

The hourly rate for each city is different. Therefore, it is best to look at my live travel list on the main page (at the right sidebar) for more pricing information or ask them directly from me. Note that the rates on those cities are not the same as my regular rate in Berlin, which is stated on my Rates page.

Would you like me to see also in your city?

The votes will be re-casted for the Autumn/Winter season until the end of July 2023. During August, I will announce the rest of the travel destinations. They will be determined following the same model as described above. You can contribute to your city by participating in my poll, which you can find on my Travel Wishlist page.

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