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Updates on my summer plans for 2023

Summer is a busy time in my personal and business life. It is not only a travel and holiday time for me, but also for my clients and potential bookers. Therefore, more bookings in Berlin and other cities I am traveling to are expected during summer.

In this update, I bring some highlights you should know when booking me for this summer. Please pay attention to the dates!

Changes in my travel plans

Earlier in April, I announced my spring/summer travel plans for 2023. Unfortunately, not all plans can be 100% firm for various reasons. Changes in plans can happen and are expected at any time. Therefore, my trip to Oslo, Norway, scheduled for June 22 – June 26, is unfortunately canceled. I apologize for the inconvenience.

One’s misfortune can be another’s fortune – good news for customers in Hamburg! Instead of my Norway trip this coming weekend, I’ve decided to plan another trip to Hamburg on June 30 – July 3, which was initially not planned. The pricing conditions will be the same as it was last time in Hamburg: My hourly rate for advance bookings (bookings that are confirmed before 30.06): 1 hour: 140 Euro; 2 hours: 120 Euro/per hr; 3 and more hours: 100 Euro/ per hr. Hour rate for the later bookings between 30.06-3.07: 160 Euro. Advance payments are 10% off. Overnights are not possible.

I do INCALLS and OUTCALLS (at extra cost, within the city’s boundary. Outcall service fee for short bookings is 50 Euro). Once our booking is confirmed, I send you my hotel details.

All other travel plans are scheduled as planned.

37 CSD Berlin 102 DL PPT 1.jpg
© visitBerlin, Foto: Pedro Becerra/STAGEVIEW.de

Booking me during the Berlin CSD Pride week

The Berlin Christopher Street Day is a big annual LGBT event that takes place every year at the end of July, expected to around 250 000 people yearly. As many people are expected to visit Berlin during the CSD week worldwide, a higher booking volume and demand are expected during this period. Therefore my hourly rate from July 17.-23 is the same as on the weekend: 120 Euro for advance bookings and 140 Euro for spontaneous bookings, regardless of the weekday. Please note that I do not take overnights during the Berlin Pride week.

My annual summer Holiday in Estonia

My summer holiday takes place every year in August. That is the period when I am on summer “vacation” and do not normally take bookings. I am usually away from Berlin for many weeks, from the end of July until the middle of August. This year my summer holiday takes place between July 30 and August 28. This year negotiations can be possible but not guaranteed. Unless agreed otherwise, I do not take bookings during my summer holiday in Estonia. If we come up with an agreement, then meeting me could be possible during this period exclusively in Estonia. Therefore please plan your Berlin or outcall bookings accordingly so they do not conflict with my summer holiday. I also need to point out that I cannot deliver physical items from my Fan Shop during this period, as not all the products are with me during this trip, and my warehouse is based in Berlin.

Lastly, I congratulate Estonia on legalizing today, 20.06.2023, same-sex Marriage! 🇪🇪🎉🏳️‍🌈

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