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Most interesting (or exciting) clients

The escort journey has brought me different experiences and emotions with clients. People I meet daily are coming from different culture, family, and ethics. And they are people with a unique background and has their own story to tell. That also makes our work more interesting because we never know what to expect. As a beginner of doing such work as I do can be quite challenging and sometimes even embarrassing. But we all know what our job is is. There is no need to feel ashamed or different. Rather be physically and mentally prepared to meet different people who would have different needs and demands.

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I am back!

Hey guys. So a long time ago and no posts, what a pity story to tell! But I am now happy to be back and shoot with some new posts again. I have asked by so many people when I could add some new posts. But I have promised every day like I will do … more…

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February at the glance

It is time to peek to February as the March just began. I have been inspired and motivated to write month review to let understand both to my clients and escorts about how I am doing so far. This is the first blog post where I write about my experiences about monthly. Now, as March … more…

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One year since I started!

Did you know that it’s one year since I started escorting? Yes, unbelievable but time has run so fast. It was like yesterday when I came with the idea to create my brand new profile to Planetromeo corporate website, called HUNQZ. Back then, I had no idea, how many clients I will have, how my income … more…

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Hello, and welcome!

Hey folks! I have no idea, what to write at the moment, but I try to be as short as possible and share some thoughts in this blog post. So, I’m happy that you found out my website. My name is Rihard, and I want to send you warm greetings. As an escort, I started … more…

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